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Tributaries Series 4 Bi-Wire Speaker Cable with 2X4 Banana Plugs

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Series 4 Star-Quad Bi-Wire Speaker cables begin with ultra-pure highly conductive oxygen-free copper (HC-OFC) developed specifically for audio applications.

• Assembled by hand in Orlando Florida, USA

• Star-Quad design reduces cable inductance & distortion

• Two 14AWG and two 16AWG conductors for superior high/low signal transfer

• Terminated with spring clip banana plugs

High-Performance Bi-Wire Speaker Cable

Series 4 Star-Quad Speaker cables begin with ultra-pure highly conductive oxygen-free copper (HC-OFC) developed specifically for audio applications. Two 16AWG conductors are designed for connection to the high-frequency loudspeaker driver terminals while two 14AWG conductors are designed for connection to the low-frequency driver terminals. The Tributaries Series 4 Star-Quad design results in a high-performance speaker cable that looks as good as it sounds.

In the Star-Quad design, Magnetic distortion is cancelled by twisting strands clockwise and then wrapping the bundles counter-clockwise around one insulated large solid conductor.

All Series 4 audio cables are meticulously assembled by hand in Orlando, Florida.

Key Features:
- Assembled by hand in Orlando Florida, USA
- Star-Quad design reduces cable inductance & distortion
- Two 14AWG and two 16AWG conductors for superior signal transfer
- Sophisticated multi-gauge design for superior bass, mids & highs
- Insulated solid conductor eliminates distortion with stranded bundles
- Terminated with banana plugs
- Decorative woven jacket over a UL CL2 PVC Jacket

Developed Specifically for Audio

It is important to understand that music passing through the speaker cable, is actually an AC voltage, so when voltage passes through twisted wire, there will be additional magnetic fields. Tributaries Star-Quad design not only alternates the positive and negative signal conductors but also alternates the twisted lays in each multi-gauge conductor. Alternating lays cancels all levels of magnetic distortion. The end result is a neutral sounding cable.

Star-Quad Geometry

Tributaries Series 4, 6 and 8 speaker cables all include a StarQuad design. Star-Quad speaker cables are designed with four conductors, all wound together, in a "positive, negative, positive, negative" configuration. The cable is produced such that all 4 wires are evenly twisted together keeping each conductor the same distance from the centre and ensuring each positive conductor is next to each negative conductor. The net result is the cancellation of opposing electromagnetic fields generated by each conductor pair. This design improves the system’s performance by preventing EMI noise from entering and distorting the signals in nearby low level audio, video or digital cables. Another benefit of the Star Quad design is the reduction of the cable’s inductance, again, improving the cables electrical performance and reducing the distortion it produces.


Resistance is another consideration when choosing a speaker cable. In simple terms: the larger the diameter of the cable or conductor; the lower the resistance. Cable resistance is expressed in ohms per unit. For instance, 500 feet of 16-gauge wire has a resistance of about 4 ohms. With speaker cables this becomes an issue. Because speakers exhibit input impedance in the range of 2 to 8 ohms, the resistance of the cable can add significantly to the overall load. For example, if a 4-ohm speaker is connected to an amplifier with a cable that exhibits a 4-ohm resistance, the cable will dissipate half of the amp’s power before it even gets to the speaker!

Available in Custom Lengths

Tributaries cables are also available in custom lengths to suit almost any application. Please give us a call on 1800 69 2225 for more information and to discuss your requirements.

For the Love of Music - About Tributaries

Tributaries, a family-owned American company, is a leading provider of high-performance and high quality Digital & Analog Audio Interconnects, Speaker Cables, AC Power Products and HDMI Cables.

In the spirit of the true audiophile, Gordon J Gow Technologies, Inc. developed Tributaries cables. Designed by music lovers for music lovers, the Tributaries collection features a stunning array of digital and analogue audio interconnects, speaker cabling systems and power cabling systems constructed with the finest metallurgy and materials. Assembled in the USA with painstakingly meticulous hand craftsmanship, Tributaries integrates Individually insulated interconnect and speaker cable strands with new multi-gauge innovations to create proprietary cable geometries designed to significantly reduce distortion, provide a consistent tonal balance, lower the noise floor and improve detail allowing the music to bloom.

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