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Krix MX-30

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Krix speakers are usually made-to-order in South Australia, with construction beginning once your order has been placed. This process ensures great attention to detail is applied to each and every speaker, but it can also take time — sometimes around 2 weeks.

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The phenomenal wall of sound from Krix.

Sits behind your acoustically transparent screen.


Key Features
- Behind screen cinema quality speakers
- Easy to install
- Krix Infinite Baffle Wall
- Massive Dynamic Range

Winner of the 2018 + 2017 Sound+Image Awards CUSTOM INSTALLATION PRODUCT OF THE YEAR

Designed for larger dedicated home cinemas with an acoustically transparent screen, the MX-30 will deliver your favourite movie soundtracks with supreme definition and accuracy, right through the picture and into your seat. Larger bass drivers and compression high frequency drivers provide an extended frequency response at higher sound pressure levels.
Experience Realism
Featuring commercial cinema components, the Krix MX-30 provides a crisp, clear, realistic sound, with such power and precision it will make your hair stand on end.

Created for larger home cinemas measuring five to fourteen metres long, the MX-30 features five modules, all of which are the same height and slim-line depth for easy installation into one cavity.

The main speakers utilise a single 380mm, high stiffness, paper cone bass-mid driver with a 77mm voice coil for increased linear excursion, and a powerful vented magnet assembly designed to lower distortion. You’ll hear a pin drop and a booming soundtrack crescendo with equal clarity.

High frequencies are handled by the Krix patented 90 by 40 degree short throw horn, driven by a high frequency compression driver with 44mm voice coil. Each subwoofer also contains a massive 455mm driver with 100mm voice coil, dual spider and vented magnet assembly.

With every aspect scrutinised to deliver the most faithful reproduction of your movie soundtrack, the Krix MX-30 will allow you to truly feel the on-screen action.

For the ultimate cinema experience at home, play it through Krix.

Modular System
In a commercial cinema, sound is heard but not seen, with a wall of speakers driving the dynamic soundtrack directly through the big screen for the ultimate sound experience.

As leading developers of commercial cinema speakers, Krix delivers the cinema sound experience to your home cinema with Series MX. These unique modular behind-screen speaker systems, designed to be installed behind an acoustically transparent screen, will conceal everything but the cinema quality sound.

Combined with matching surround speakers, Series MX truly delivers the excitement, presence and impact of real cinema, at home.

The Krix Infinite Baffle Wall, which has been installed in commercial cinemas since the early 1980s, is also replicated in the MX series. The thick, acoustic absorption material on the front baffle of the speakers minimises reflections and prevents sound leakage behind the screen, for a high energy sound you can feel. For large or cinemascope screens, Krix’s optional low frequency absorption spacer modules can be used in pairs to ensure a wide, realistic soundstage.

Easy To Install
These speaker systems are designed to be installed behind an acoustically transparent screen, just like the speakers in a commercial cinema. They create a wall of sound directly from the picture, so everyone gets the full movie experience and impact. The five speaker modules (left, center, right and two subwoofers) in each system are all the same height and depth, making the design of the room and installation of the speaker system much simpler.

Control and Definition

These proprietary products have been developed by Krix over a 10 year period using powerful Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Krix patented horn technology provide exceptionally flat frequency response, precise pattern control, and very low distortion. Seamlessly coupled with the dispersion pattern of the woofer, the sound is focused on the audience and away from the walls, resulting in reduced reflections which can muddy the sound.

The specially engineered bass drivers are professional low frequency loudspeakers and offer superb bass performance, high peak program power handling and high efficiency, capable of extreme sound pressure levels. The smooth response, wide frequency and dynamic range are features not often achieved in one woofer. The bass drivers have an oversized ferrite magnet structure with components engineered to achieve maximum efficiency. Symmetrical gap geometry, combined with the large linear voice coil travel, ensures minimum distortion at all levels.

Cabinet Construction

Built from 18mm MDF with a black vinyl veneer, the cabinet is braced with Krix proprietary “X bracing”. This technique braces all the panels of the box in an asymmetrical way and also provides appropriate baffling to virtually eliminate standing waves in the enclosure and reduce panel vibrations.

Front Mount Concealed Terminals
Simply slide the modular system into its allotted space and connect the speaker cables into the special recess at the bottom of each enclosure, then replace the foam plug to conceal the cables.

Massive Dynamic Range
These cinema speakers are the real deal; the components and drivers are the same as those used in commercial cinemas. They are therefore efficient, powerful and reliable, and present a very easy load for the amplifier. Together with the Krix Infinite Baffle System they do not need large amounts of power to give you the full cinema experience.

Finished in 'Cinema Black'
Adorning all dedicated home cinema and commercial cinema speakers, this dark, stipple textured finish complements the true power within these mighty speakers.

More Information
Model Number MX-30
RRP 23,995.00


LCR Speaker Modules
- Frequency Range: 38Hz-16kHz in-room response
- Power Handling IEC AES: 350 Watts
- Power Handling Program: 700 Watts
- Sensitivity: 98dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre
- Impedance: 8 Ohms
- Configuration: 2-way
- Enclosure Type: Bass reflex, front vented
- Low-Frequency Driver: Single 380mm (15") high stiffness paper cone driver with 77mm (3") voice coil of optimal length for increased linear excursion, wound on high temperature apical former and powerful vented magnet assembly designed for low distortion
- High-Frequency Driver: A Krix patented designed 90º x 40º short throw horn driven by a compression driver with a 1" throat 1¾” edge-wound aluminium voice coil and Nomex former
- Input Terminals: Gold plated spring terminals
- Dimensions: 1220mm high x 450mm wide x 335mm deep (2865mm wide including subwoofer modules)

Subwoofer Modules
- Frequency Range: 25Hz-200Hz in-room response
- Power Handling IEC AES: 700 Watts
- Power Handling Program: 1400 Watts
- Sensitivity: 100dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre
- Impedance: 8 Ohms
- Enclosure Type: Bass reflex, front vented
- Low-Frequency Driver: Single 455mm (18”) paper cone driver. 100mm (4”) edge-wound copper voice coil, dual spider assembly and vented magnet assembly
- Input Terminals: High-level gold plated spring terminals
- Dimensions: 1220mm high x 750mm wide x 335mm deep (2865mm wide including LCR modules)

System Recommendations
- Recommended Room Depth: 5m to 14m
- Minimum Screen Size (16:9): 130 inches (2880mm x 1620mm)
- Minimum Screen Size (21:9): 120 inches (2806mm x 1184mm)
- Adaptable to wider screen sizes using specially designed-by-Krix low frequency absorption spacer modules between the speakers

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