42-90 Inch LCD LED Plasma TV Wall Mount Tilt Swivel Corner Bracket PLB126B.bl

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This sturdy and versatile "one-arm" style bracket is perfect for mounting a TV in the corner of the room.

TV Screen SizeTV WeightTV Mounting Holes

Mount your TV in a corner
This high-quality bracket is ideal for mounting your LED or LCD TV in the corner of a room, thanks to its huge range of motion.

Set It & Forget It
These corner brackets truly shine when mounting a TV in a position that would be impossible to reach with any other style of bracket. With their great range of motion, they're perfect for setting your TV in position, and forgetting about it!

If you want to regularly swivel your for viewing from different angles, take a look at our Full Motion Brackets.

- Designed for mounting your TV in a corner
- Forwards Tilt: 0 to 12 degrees down
- Pivot/Swivel: Pivot your TV left & right with unrestricted movement
- Designed for Australian 600mm stud spacings
- Includes small built-in spirit level
- Also includes a free reusable bubble level

Vertical Tilting Action
This bracket offers vertical tilt from 0 degrees (flat) to -12 degrees (down), which is perfect if you wish to mount your TV high on the wall and tilt it down (for example, in the bedroom or in the presence of curious young children with sticky hands). The tilting action can also help to avoid annoying reflections on the screen.

Horizontal Swivel/Pivot (Left/Right)
Due to it's great range of motion, this bracket can be swivelled left & right, for almost limitless positioning options.

Low Profile "Slimline" Design
Most of the other brackets which can tilt forwards and also pivot/swivel left and right are quite bulky and can't fold up very compactly, making it impossible to position your TV close to the wall. This bracket doesn't have that problem: it can fold back to within 73mm of the wall. Please note that many manufacturers recommend that LCDs and plasmas are not to be mounted within a certain distance from the wall, due to heat and ventilation concerns.

Free Bubble Level
This bracket includes a reusable bubble level / spirit level to assist with accurate installation of the bracket.

This bracket includes a variety of screws/bolts which are suitable for most installations. Unfortunately, due to the enormous range of TV brands and models available, we're unable to guarantee that the included fixings will suit every installation.

Plasterboard Walls
As with all wall brackets, if mounting on plasterboard walls it is essential that this bracket is fixed to timber studs. We've designed this bracket with Australian-standard 600mm stud spacings in mind, so it will span two studs.

Brick / Concrete Walls
This bracket can also be mounted on brick or concrete walls.

Will it fit my screen?
TV Screen SizeTV WeightTV Mounting Holes
This bracket will fit your TV screen (and not be visible from front on) if your TV is:
- At least 800mm wide.
- At least 480mm tall.
The four threaded mounting holes on the back of your TV need to be:
- No more than 700mm apart side to side.
- No more than 400mm apart top to bottom.
Maximum TV weight capacity is 80kg. 

User Manual (PDF, 1,008KB)

Model Number PLB126B.bl
RRP 86.00

- Forwards Tilt: 0 to 12 degrees
- Horizontal Pivot/Swivel: -90 to +90 degrees
- Distance from wall: 73mm to 623mm
- Maximum weight capacity: 80kg
- Width of backplate: 630mm (spans 600mm Australian stud spacings)
- Total width of bracket: 800mm
- Total height of bracket: 480mm
- Maximum spacing of TV's mounting holes (horizontal): 700mm
- Maximum spacing of TV's mounting holes (vertical): 400mm
- Suits VESA standards up to 700x400mm

User Manual (PDF, 1,008KB)

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