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Outdoor Speakers

Outdoor speakers are a thoughtful gift for those with an indoor hifi audio system that could easily be extended outdoors. Our selection comprises a variety of weather resistant speakers of many types including surround, bookshelf, and in ceiling. These weatherproof loudspeakers feature a poly cone type, designed to withstand the elements and provide a hifi audio experience. Some styles can be mounted on a wall, and others simply placed on a shelf or stand, depending on the optimal speaker location for your outdoor area. We offer the most affordable high quality outdoor speakers from brands like Avico, Krix, OpusOne, Polk, and SONOS.
Many outdoor speaker pairs such as the Redback 30W and 50W are active speakers, meaning they have amplifiers built in, and do not require the additional equipment. Many of these speakers are sold in pairs, as they are recommended for use as surround speakers with multiple angles of audio. 

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