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Solidsteel Hyperspike HJ Rack Extra Shelf


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Add another shelf to your Solidsteel HJ Series hi-fi rack.

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Solidsteel Hyperspike HJ Add-Kit
Solidsteel Hyperspike HJ Rack Extra Shelf

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    Extra Shelf Kit for HJ Rack
    This kit adds another shelf to your modular HJ series hi-fi rack, allowing you to expand it to your needs. The HJ series of racks can be stacked in a multitude of ways; insert this extra shelf anywhere between the top and bottom shelf of your rack, and enjoy a piece of furniture that is constructed exactly how you need it.

    Key Features:
    - Choice of shelf height: 145mm, 185mm, 225mm, or 285mm
    - Protects equipment from external vibration
    - Anti-resonance construction
    - 3-pillar design improves isolation
    - Made with high-quality Italian materials
    - Supports up to 70kg

    - Legs/hardware: Stainless steel
    - Shelves: Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)

    Grows with you
    Consistent with Solidsteel's catalogue of high-end racks, the HJ range is expandable and customisable, meaning you can add extra shelves as you need. Turn your dual-shelf rack into a three-shelf, your three-shelf into a four, and so on as you require.

    Typically racks that are modular in this way are gimmicky or cheaply made, but Solidsteel is dedicated to both quality and expandability in their products. For a high-quality hi-fi rack that grows with your system, look no further than Solidsteel's Hyperspike HJ range.

    Add an extra shelf to your HJ series rack with this additional shelf kit.

    About the Hyperspike HJ Series
    The Hyperspike Series is Solidsteel's top range of products. Officially launched in 2004, it is designed to satisfy the most demanding audio enthusiast needs. Aesthetics merge with functional choices to create products that are as beautiful as they are purposeful. The Hyperspike Series aims to achieve new goals in performance while offering advantages to audio system designs. The Hyperspike Junior (HJ) range combines this distinction with convenience and accessibility. This is made possible by a well thought out manufacturing process that keeps cost down but doesn't affect the overall performance of the unit.

    About Solidsteel
    Solidsteel is an Italian company that has been creating high-quality hi-fi furniture since 1990. They specialise in high-end racks, cabinets, audio stands, speaker stands and wall-shelves for home, commercial and pro use. Originally constructed using primarily heavy steel, the Italian company now uses a variety of materials in their production, resulting in the solid, but not immovable products the hi-fi world reveres today.

    More Information
    Model Number HJ-AK

    Legs & Hardware: Stainless Steel
    Shelves: Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)

    Shelf max loading: 70kg

    Shelf Dimensions (WxHxD): 592 x 526 mm

    Leg Lengths: 145 / 185 / 225 / 285 mm

    Colour: Black

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