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Selby HDMI Cable High Speed w Ethernet ARC SHD

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Selby HDMI - High Speed with Ethernet

- Compatible with 3D devices
- Capable of 1080p and 4k resolutions @ 60Hz
- Supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) Picture
- Audio Return Channel (ARC) and HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC)
- Ideal for Playstation, Xbox, BluRay, 3D BluRay, 3D TV, HDTV, DVD, HD-DVD, etc

For the ultimate high-end performance!

Introducing the Selby range of High-Speed HDMI cables with Ethernet. These HDMI cables are certified to be fully compliant with the latest HDMI specifications and are produced to a consistently high standard by our HDMI licensed manufacturer. These cables are suitable for almost any HDMI application, including PlayStation, Xbox, BluRay / BD, 3D BluRay, HDTV, 3D TV, DVD, HD-DVD, etc.


Audio Return Channel

These Selby HDMI cables include an audio return channel (ARC), for use with a compatible TV and amplifier/receiver. If you have a compatible TV and amplifier/receiver, this allows you to transmit digital audio from your TV to your amplifier/receiver without the need for an extra audio cable. The Audio Return Channel allows digital audio (from a built-in tuner or built-in DVD player) to travel "upstream" along the same HDMI cable, from your TV back to your AV receiver, rather than through a separate audio cable.

Ethernet Capability

The HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC) enables a number of new possibilities via the HDMI link, including:
- sharing an internet connection
- content distribution
- home entertainment networking
Essentially, your internet-ready entertainment devices (video game consoles, BluRay players, etc) can share your internet connection without the need for an extra ethernet cable. Devices connected by the HEC will be able to exchange digital content in its native format, enabling recording, storage, and playback options across a connected system. The HEC accommodates current and future IP-based networking solutions for consumer electronics, such as TCP/IP, UPnP, DLNA and LiquidHD.

Our 15m HDMI Cables Are "Active"
Please note that the 15 metre length of this cable is an active HDMI cable. This means the signal is amplified to ensure the strongest possible signal gets to the other end. Active HDMI cables are directional, which means they must be plugged in the correct way to be most effective. Our 15m cables are designed to be used with the black rectangular "monitor" plug at the display end (eg: TV or receiver input) and the pale blue plug at the source end (eg: Bluray player or receiver output). All shorter lengths will work in any direction.

High Quality Cables:
- 99.99% oxygen-free, solid-copper high-purity conductors reduce signal distortion
- Quad-shielding isolates from outside noise for superior clarity
- Precision formulated, polyethylene dielectric material maintains stronger signals
- Impedance-matched, twisted-pair construction reduces cross talk and interference
- Integrated strain relief protects against wire damage for consistently high quality
- Abrasion resistant, flexible PVC jacket maintains integrity, even when bent
- 24k gold-plated connectors create precise contact for low signal loss


Tips for running an HDMI cable through the wall/ceiling:
- Test the cable first! It's rare for these to fail, but it can happen. Test the cable by hooking up your equipment before you run the cable through the wall/ceiling cavity.
- Don't run the cable beside a power cable. It can cause interference which affects the HDMI signal.

About HDMI
HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) enables a single cable to deliver both high-definition video and multi-channel digital audio to digital display devices such as plasma TVs, LCD and LED screens and projectors. HDMI also enables an all-digital connection between digital source devices (such as a DVD player, BluRay player, Playstation, set top box, PVR/DVR, etc) and an AV receiver or amplifier. HDMI is a digital interface that was specifically created for use on consumer AV products. It enables intelligent, two-way communication between digital source devices and digital display devices, which potentially means you need only one remote control for your entire system. Furthermore, it will automatically find and set component compatibility and play music and movies in your system's optimum available formats.

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