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Rega Planar 6 + Ania MC Cartridge

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The Planar 6 is now available to DEMO at our Hallam and Thornbury stores with the Ania MC cartridge.

This listing is for the Planar 6 with Rega Ania MC cartridge, for the Planar 6 without cartridge, or bundled with the Rega Exact MM cartridge please see the following:
Planar 6 + Exact MM Cartridge
Planar 6 without cartridge

Winner of the What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision Awards 2017 - "Best turntable £1200+"

Winner of the 2019 Sound+Image Awards TURNTABLE OF THE YEAR $1500-$3000

Rega Planar 6

The Planar 6 has one goal, to reproduce your vinyl as accurately as possible.

Rega have engineered every aspect of this turntable to extract as much detail from the vinyl surface as possible. Advanced materials and engineering solutions have been used throughout the design to ensure the greatest level of performance. The Neo PSU offers electronic speed change, advanced anti-vibration control and user adjustable electronic fine speed adjustment only found on the RP10 until now.

User Manual (PDF, 162KB)

Key Features
- Factory fitted with the Rega Ania MC cartridge
- NEO power supply included
- Super lightweight foam core plinth
- New Polaris HPL (high pressure laminate)
- 'Polaris Grey' matte finish
- High-gloss black polymer edge trim
- Non-marking & scratch-resistant matte finish
- Upgraded white drive belt fitted as standard
- Custom dual layer smoked / clear float glass platter
- Single piece aluminium sub platter
- Custom machined high precision drive pulley
- Patent pending, ultra-low friction central brass hub
- Rega’s double brace technology
- RB330 handmade precision tonearm
- New high spec Rega 24v low noise synchronous motor
- Each motor is matched by hand to its own NEO PSU
- New smoked dust cover
- New aluminium foot trims and Planar style feet

Rega Planar 6

The Planar 6 is built around the huge success of the RP8 and RP10 turntables. It is the first new Rega turntable to be constructed with an ultra lightweight Tancast 8 polyurethane foam core plinth (a material developed for the aerospace industry). This material is sandwiched between a new HPL (high pressure laminate). HPL is exceptionally thin yet extremely rigid and is presented in a stunning Polaris matte grey finished with high gloss polymer black edge trim.

The Planar 6 now benefits from a single piece, machined aluminium sub-platter, a new 24v motor hand tuned and matched to its own NEO power supply and custom drive pulley fitted with our upgrade drive belt as standard.

Rega Neo PSU


The Neo PSU uses the RP10 DSP (digital signal processing) generator built upon a high stability crystal. The DSP generator will divide the accurate signal from the crystal to the exact frequency required to turn the platter at the selected speed. The DSP generator will also produce a near perfect sinusoidal waveform to drive the motor. This, along with an efficient drive amplifier, generates a 24V AC balanced signal of less than 0.15% distortion, which is completely un-affected by any changes in the mains/line voltage and conditions. This then drives the turntables anti-vibration circuit, which is situated beneath the turntable.

Ania Moving Coil Cartridge

The newest member of the Rega MC cartridge range, the Ania was inspired by the success of the Apheta 2 and Aphelion MC cartridges. Using the same exceptionally complex hand wound micro coil found in the rest of the range, the Ania is housed in a unique PPS highly rigid body, ensuring accurate construction and Rega's three point fixing method ensuring optimum connection to the headshell and automatic setting for overhang. The new body is protected by a CAD designed, clear rigid cover to protect the internal fine wires, making handling whilst fitting, safe and risk free.

The Ania features a super high-powered, neodymium magnet and a coil meticulously hand wound on to an iron cross. This miniature assembly allows for greater freedom to track the vinyl groove ensuring even more detail is extracted from the record.

Key Features:
- Moving Coil cartridge
Iron cross & micro coil assembly
One of the world's smallest MC generators
Cutting edge neodymium magnet
Elliptical profile stylus
Constructed from high specification 0.018mm fine wire

More Information
Model Number Planar 6 + Ania
RRP 2,999.00

Dimensions Turntable

Width 448mm
Depth 365mm
Height 120mm (Dustcover closed)
Weight 5.2kg

Dimensions Neo PSU

Width 180mm
Depth 155m
Height 50mm
Weight 0.6kg

Ania Cartridge

Tracking Pressure: 1.75 - 2.00g
Input load impedance: 100 ohm
Output impedance: 10 ohms
Nominal output voltage: 350μV
Channel Balance: ≥ 20μV
Separation: ≥ -29dB
Mass: 6g

- Iron cross & micro coil assembly
- One of the world's smallest MC generators.
- Cutting edge neodymium magnet.
- Elliptical profile stylus
- Constructed from high specification 0.018mm fine wire

Load settings for adjustable MC stages
Impedance -100ohm
Capacitance - 1000pF
Gain setting - High ('On' position for Rega phono stages)

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