Solidsteel S4-4 Hi-Fi Rack White

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An Italian-made hi-fi rack from Solidsteel's S4 range, boasting noise-isolation features. Perfect for your audio gear. And it's even wide enough for your TV!

Wide enough for all your gear. Even your TV.

This hi-fi rack from premium Italian manufacturer Solidsteel is for more than simply stacking high-end audio appliances. It is a robust shelf that is designed to enable optimal performance of your AV equipment and to look great in your home.

Key Features:
- Wide design holds more gear (including your TV)
- Damping material reduces unwanted resonance
- Protects equipment from external vibration
- Included hard-floor protector pads for spikes
- Made in Italy from high-quality Italian materials

- Tubes: Aluminium filled with damping material
- Floor Spikes + Pads: Stainless steel
- Shelves: Polymer-laminated medium-density fibreboard (MDF)

For your home
An evolution of the S3 range, this unit features all the benefits of its slim counterpart. Its width is what sets it apart from the rest of the Solidsteel catalogue. This design choice enables different placement options for both the equipment stored on the unit, and its placement in your home.

Storing and displaying AV equipment such as TVs and Blu-Ray Players is a popular use of this unit. However, its true potential lies in the realm of high-performance audio equipment, thanks to its unique isolation properties.

Sound Design
With hi-fi appliances, especially high-end equipment, manufacturers attempt to minimize internal vibration. However, this effort cannot completely protect against vibrations introduced by speakers and other external factors. This is where a trustworthy rack is essential to playing back your media free from disruptions to performance or causing damage to the equipment.

The solid structure and acoustically considered design enable superb audio performance from your equipment. Each of the aluminium poles is filled with a unique damping material to minimise unwanted resonance with the shelves. The same level of care that is applied in the design of a loudspeaker enclosure has been taken here, to ensure that this unit is not picking up and amplifying unwanted vibrations at key frequencies.

The stainless steel floor-spikes included are adjustable, to finely regulate the frame on uneven surfaces. They also are critical in minimizing energy transferred from the floor up through the poles of the rack, and ultimately into your equipment. Floor pads are included for protecting hard surfaces from becoming scratched by the spikes.

Ventilation Matters
Most home theatre equipment needs ample ventilation to ensure they don't overheat. Enclosed cabinets can cause unexpected shutdown and could potentially reduce the lifespan of your AV appliances. The advantage of this unit is that it allows your equipment to breathe properly.

Grows with you
The S4 range is expandable with additional shelves as you need. Turn your four-shelf rack into a five-shelf, your five-shelf into a six, and so on as you require.

Please Note:
Due to availability in Italy, shipping times for additional shelves may vary. Please give us a call on 1800 69 2225 for more details and for lead time on these extensions.


About the S4 Series
Drawing inspiration from their prestigious Hyperspike range and decades of production, Solidsteel have created the new S4 series. Officially launched in 2013, this series is soon to be the benchmark in Solidsteel's range thanks to its excellent build quality, functionality, and modest appearance. What sets the S4 series apart from the S3 range is the wide design. The S4 series racks can hold more equipment and have a world of placement options that are not possible with the other, slim ranges.

The result of clean lines and a fine attention to detail, the S4 series racks are aesthetically pleasing pieces of furniture that enhance your home hi-fi experience. 

About Solidsteel
Solidsteel is an Italian company that has been creating high-quality hi-fi furniture since 1990. They specialise in high-end racks, cabinets, audio stands, speaker stands and wall-shelves for home, commercial and pro use.

Originally constructed using primarily heavy steel, the company now uses a variety of materials in their production, resulting in the solid, but not immovable products we know and love today.


Model Number S4-4-W
RRP 1,899.00

- Tubes
: Aluminium with damping material
- Floor Spikes: Stainless Steel
- Shelves: Polymer laminated Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)

- Max loading per shelf:
- Total weight of rack: 60kg

- Total (WxHxD):
 1114 x 905 x 430 mm
- Usable Shelf Space (WxD): 500mm+500mm x 430mm
- Vertical space between shelves: 245mm, 225mm, 225mm

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