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Power Leads

Power leads are a necessity for any home electronic system that uses multiple cables. Browse a variety of power cable types, including extension cords of different lengths, used to make electrical outlets more accessible and provide sufficient power sources. Single power extensions are also available, featuring a male and female plug to extend a single power source. Other accessibility cables include right angled plugs, featuring a 90 degree angle power plug. This type of plug is often referred to as the "kettle cord”; extension cords for this model are also available. Other types of plugs include cloverleaf, featuring three long barrel-like structures, and piggyback plugs, which have a dual male-female plug on one end. For overpacked power boards, consider a 4 pack or 8 pack of short extension leads, referred to as "space savers". These can be useful for a gaming system or speaker system requiring many large plugs to connect to the same power board. Cable lengths range from 30 cm to 30 metres, from the most reliable brands such as Avico and OEM.

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