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IsoAcoustics Gaia I M6 Thread Adaptor Kit

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The GAIA I isolators come with thread adaptors for the 3 most common thread sizes which fit the majority of speakers including M8-1.25, M12-1.25, ¼”-20 sizes, however this kit also adds support for speakers with M6 1.0mm sized threads.

Included in this kit are:
- 4x M6-1.0 thread adaptors
- 4x M6-1.0 upper locking nuts

Designed specifically for IsoAcoustics GAIA I isolation feet - available separately.

How IsoAcoustics Thread Adaptors Work

The GAIA thread adaptors have 2 sides:
- Side 1 is installed into the base of the speaker, and therefore the thread size of Side 1 should match the speaker thread size.
- Side 2 is installed into the GAIA housing. The thread size for Side 2 perfectly matches the thread size of the GAIA housing.

Each GAIA thread requires 2 lock nuts:
- The upper lock nut matches the thread size for Side 1 of the thread and should be tightened up against the bottom of the speaker.
- The lower lock nut tightens up against the top of the GAIA housing, securing the assembly and creating a tight fit.

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Model Number M6x1.0
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