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HDMI Cable Joiner / Repeater / Extender 1080p HDCP A1189

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HDMI Cable Repeater/Extender
This HDMI Repeater allows you to join two HDMI cables and extend the range to a total length of up to 36 metres for 1080i and up to 30 metres for 1080p signals.

- Extends HDMI signal (video & digital audio)
- Supports high definition video resolutions up to 1920 x 1080p
- Supports high definition audio including DTS HD and Dolby True HD
- Maximum HDMI length: 1080i up to 36m, 1080p up to 30m
- No external power supply required, power is sourced directly through the HDMI cable.
- Power and malfunction LED indicators

More Information
Model Number 128630

- HDMI Input / Output Connector: Standard HDMI
- HDCP compliant
- Dimensions (H)x(W)x(L): 22 x 41 x 55mm

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