HDMI Cable Right Angle Adaptor 90 Deg for Tight Spaces HDMIADP90

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Right Angled HDMI Cable Adaptor
Many HDMI cables, especially high quality ones, are very thick and stiff, and are therefore very difficult to bend around corners. For example, if you are running cables through walls / ceilings, it's very easy to cause damage to your HDMI cables while trying to fit your cables through some small cavities and around tight corners. This HDMI adaptor helps to solve these problems. It's also very handy if the rear of your equipment (eg: LCD / Plasma TV, or AV Receiver) is close to a wall or other equipment which makes the HDMI ports difficult to access.

Which Way Does It Go?
Please study the pictures closely to determine if this is the correct connector for your situation. We have another connector available which is the same as this one, but it is angled in the opposite direction. We also stock a hinged / adjustable HDMI angle adaptor, which can be angled in any direction from 90 to 270 degrees.

- Plug: 19 pin HDMI Standard (Type A) Plug
- Socket: 19 pin HDMI Standard (Type A) Socket
- 24K gold plated connections
- Robust molded plastic housing

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Model Number 125928
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