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Vinyl Lovers Accessory Pack 2


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1 Vinyl Turntable Maintenance Record Cleaning Kit SEKIT9   + $0
1 Vinyl Turntable Stylus Cleaning Brush Carbon Fibre SE3   + $0
1 10 Pack 45RPM Adaptors Spider Inserts for 7" Inch Vinyl Records SE308   + $0
1 Vinyl Turntable Cork Mat 3mm Thick SE208   + $0

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Vinyl Lovers Accessory Pack 2
Vinyl Lovers Accessory Pack 2

In stock



    Vinyl Lovers Accessory Pack 2

    Taking care of your records is as much a necessity, as it is a hobby for serious vinyl lovers. This kit includes everything you need to care for your precious vinyl records and turntable, including an anti-static cloth, anti-static cleaning fluid, ultra-fine carbon fibre record and stylus brushes as well as a cork turntable mat and a 10 pack of 7" spider adaptor inserts.

    Record Maintenance Cleaning Kit

    As a turntable is a part of your home, it picks up dust and other particles. These get transferred to the records, causing them to become dusty and grimy after a while. Being an analogue format, these contaminants affect the quality of sound and result in anomalies such as clicks, pops and a less clear sound during playback. With this kit you can clean both your records and the turntable stylus to restore your system to it's optimal sound performance level.

    - Anti-static Cloth
    - Carbon Fibre Brush
    - Stylus Cleaning Brush & Fluid
    - Anti-static Record Cleaning Fluid
    - Comes with storage case

    Turntable Stylus Carbon Fibre Cleaning Brush

    This stylus cleaning brush will help keep your turntable stylus or needle clean, keeping it free of microscopic dust and dirt. This will help to reduce possible damage over time when playing records, as well as prolong the life of the stylus itself.

    - Made of thousands of ultra fine carbon fibres
    - Reduces damage to records and the stylus itself
    - Suitable for diamond styli
    - Suitable for daily use

    Cork Turntable Mat

    Slip this mat over the platter of your turntable to improve the sound clarity and quality of your vinyl records.

    Why Use A Mat?
    For as long as audio enthusiasts have pursued the perfect reproduction of music, the relationship between the turntable, the mat, and the record has been a point of discussion. A mats purpose is to reduce slippage and cushion the turntable, reducing noise picked up by the stylus and in turn, playing through your speakers.
    Mats are typically made with either felt or cork.

    Why Cork Mats?
    This anti-static cork mat reduces the build-up of electricity, which would otherwise discharge during playback and cause pops and clicks. This anti-static feature also reduces the number of dust particles transferred to your records, meaning they stay cleaner (and play without pops) for longer. Cork mats also dampen resonances in playback, resulting in a clearer sonic image and a less muddy-sounding bottom end. Made of a non-slip material, this cork mat will grip both the platter and your record, cutting out further anomalies caused by record slippage. One side of the mat has a recessed section in the centre, which will allow your record to sit perfectly flat.

    - Thickness: 3mm
    - Diameter: 295mm
    - Spindle Hole: 8mm
    - Suitable for turntables with a standard 12-inch platter.

    10 Pack of 45RPM Adaptor Spider Inserts

    These "spider" adaptors click into the large centre hole of a 7" 45RPM record to make the record compatible with the smaller spindles commonly found on modern LP turntables. These inserts are easy to click in and out of the record and, with their grip functionality, once they're in they stay in.

    This tried & true design has been around since the 1960s and are an instantly recognisable music icon.

    Record Stacking
    These spiders are the Hutchinson design, which features small pins on both sides of the insert. When stacking 7" records, the pins will prevent two or more records stacked on top of each other from slipping, and will spin at the same speed.

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