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Music On The Go

An extremely popular gift idea is any type of portable music device. There is a wide selection of equipment available providing music on the go. This includes a variety of earbuds, headphones, and headsets. Over-ear headphones provide a comfortable listening experience for longer periods of time, as they fully surround your ear. This allows them to easily protect against ambient sound in the surrounding environment, however they may produce more heat as they do not provide any air flow. On-ear headphones are often more affordable and can produce the same quality of sound, but are not recommended for periods of use longer than an hour before experiencing some ear pain or discomfort. 

In terms of portable music playback, browse portable music players, headphone amplifiers, and wireless bluetooth speakers. The Cayin portable headphone amplifier and power bank is extremely popular for providing a hifi sound experience from anywhere. The amplifiers included in personal devices such as cell phones are often low quality, producing a sub-par playback experience. A separate amplifier for digital audio can improve sound quality dramatically.
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