Epson TW5700 + Yamaha + DALI Spektor


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• Award-winning Danish speakers

• DALI's signature paper / wood-fibre speaker cones

• Powerful Yamaha AV receiver

• Brand-new Epson HD projector

• Huge 3-metre screen (120-inches)

• Includes ceiling bracket for mounting

• Apple TV & Digital set top box

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1 Epson EH-TW5700 Home Theatre Projector   + $0
1 Yamaha RX-V4A 5.2 Channel AV Receiver   + $0
1 Strong HD Digital Set Top Box SRT 5437   + $0
1 DALI Spektor 6 Dual 6.5" Floor Standing Speaker Pair Black Ash   + $0
1 DALI Spektor Vokal Dual 4.25" Centre Speaker Black Ash   + $0
1 DALI Spektor 1 4.5" Bookshelf Speaker Pair Black Ash   + $0
1 DALI Sub C-8 D 8" Down-Firing Active Subwoofer 170W Black   + $0
1 Universal LCD / DLP Projector Bracket Ceiling Mount 15kg White PM101w   + $0
1 1m Ugly HDMI Cable High Speed with Ethernet 4K 3D 1080p HEC BHD0100   + $0

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Epson TW5700 + Yamaha + DALI Spektor
Epson TW5700 + Yamaha + DALI Spektor

In stock



    Immersive Home Theatre with big-name brands!

    This complete home theatre pack includes cutting edge products from some of the most respected brands around!

    It's well known that these DALI speakers will play nicely with any amp behind them, but when paired with the included Yamaha RX-V4A, they'll come alive. The included AV receiver from Yamaha features the processing and amplification capabilities to make this system an entertainment centre unheard of at this price!

    Behind the visuals is a new full HD projector from Epson. The included EH-TW5700 projector will fill the huge 3m screen (also included) with a captivating image. Bring the big screen and cinematic sound home for an immersive, yet affordable home theatre experience that will impress you, your family, and all your friends alike!

    What's Included:

    - Epson EH-TW5700 Projector
    - 120" Fixed Frame Screen (with optional size upgrade)
    Yamaha RX-V4A 5.2 Channel Receiver
    - Apple TV HD 32GB
    - Strong HD Digital Set Top Box
    - DALI Spektor 6 Dual 6.5" Floor Standing Speakers
    DALI Spektor Vokal Dual 4.25" Centre Speaker
    DALI Spektor 1 4.5" Bookshelf Speakers
    DALI Sub C-8 D 8" Down-Firing 170W Active Subwoofer
    Ceiling Mount Bracket
    HDMI Cables
    Subwoofer Cable
    Speaker Cable


    Epson EH-TW5700 1080p Home Theatre Projector

    Key Features:
    - An evolution of the award-winning EH-TW5600
    - 1080p High Definition picture
    - 35,000:1 Contrast Ratio
    - 2,700 Lumens colour brightness and 2,700 Lumens white brightness for entertainment in any environment
    - Up to 3x brighter colours and reliable performance with 3LCD, 3-chip technology
    - 2 Year Projector Warranty

    Epson projectors use 3LCD Engines that have no colour wheel with a white segment and therefore don't force a tradeoff between white and colour brightness.

    Epson projectors have up to 3x Brighter Colours than their leading competitive 1-chip DLP projectors.

    1080p resolution ensures an amazing, larger-than-life HD experience, while high colour brightness delivers bright, vibrant image quality, whether it’s a blockbuster movie, live sporting event or videogame. 


    Selby 120" Fixed Frame 16:9 Projector Screen

    Key Features:
    - High-quality construction
    - Twin-layered material
    - Light-absorbing flocked velvet frame
    - Cleanable, mould-resistant fabric

    This is a high quality, fixed frame, projector screen featuring excellent image reproduction, flocked velvet edges and a simple wall mounting system. These projector screens are perfect for home theatre use.

    Each screen is made to high standards using quality materials and experienced workmanship. The 98mm frame is finished in black flocked velvet, which has excellent light absorption qualities, to prevent any possible disruptive reflections. All joins are precision cut and crafted to produce a truly stunning home theatre experience.


    Yamaha RX-V4A 5.2 Channel Receiver

    Enter the world of home theatre with the brand-new Yamaha RX-V4A. This AV receiver will completely transform how you listen and watch at home. Plus, plenty of features means plenty of choices on how to enjoy your entertainment.

    Key Features:
    - 5.2 Channel High Slew Rate Surround Amplifier
    - Brand new look and interface
    - 80W Power Per Channel (8 Ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz, 0.06% THD)
    - 3x Analogue, 1x Optical, 1x Digital Coax Audio Inputs
    - 4x HDMI Inputs (8K @ 60Hz Picture)
    - HDR 10+, 8K/60 Hz and 4K/120 Hz
    - FM & DAB+ Radio
    - MusicCast & Airplay 2
    - Wireless Surround Support
    - Dual Subwoofer Pre-Outputs


    Apple TV HD 32GB

    Apple TV HD brings the best shows, movies, live sports and access to your favourite Apple services. Enjoy content from services like Apple TV+, Netflix and Disney+. And use the new 2nd generation Siri Remote to control it all.

    Key Features:
    • 1080p HD for high-quality video
    • Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound
    • 32GB internal storage for apps and games
    • A8 chip with 64-bit architecture for improved performance and graphics
    • Watch original stories from the most creative minds in TV and film on Apple TV+
    • Get one free year of Apple TV+ with purchase
    • Play groundbreaking, new original games from Apple Arcade
    • Use AirPlay to view photos and videos from your iPhone and iPad on your TV
    • New 2nd generation Siri remote with touch-enabled clickpad and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
    • Ask Siri to search for movies, shows, and games with the Siri Remote
    • Netflix, HBO NOW, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and thousands more apps in the App Store
    • Get a live view of your HomeKit-enabled cameras and control your smart home accessories
    • WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity



    Strong HD Digital Set Top Box SRT 5437

    The STRONG SRT 5437 is a High Definition Digital Set Top Box with Digital Video Recorder ability. Give your projector access to the latest Australian digital channels and record up to 500 hours of live TV.

    This easy to use set-top box is easy to use and connects to your AV receiver via HDMI, giving you a sharp HD picture.

    Make use of the USB connection on the front of the unit and record your favourite shows, or play media stored on an external hard drive. The STRONG SRT 5437 is a media hub made for Australian audiences and TVs.

    Key Features
    - High Definition Digital Set Top Box (HD MPEG4)
    - Access all available Digital TV Channels
    - Record up to 500 hours of TV to USB (HDD/USB not supplied)
    - Play HD Movies, music and photos on your HD TV via USB
    - Record one program while watching another from the same network
    - Pause & Rewind Live TV
    - 7-day Electronic Program Guide with One-Touch Record
    - HDMI and Composite Video Output


    DALI Spektor 6

    Built around two 6½” woofers and a 25 mm soft dome tweeter, the Spektor 6 is the powerhouse of the SPEKTOR family. Serving up a detailed, dynamic and powerful sound, they are the perfect choice for any stereo or surround setup.

    The SPEKTOR 6's dual 6,5” woofers were developed specifically for this speaker. Even small details like the angle of the wood fibre cone and the size of the dust cap are optimised for the best possible integration, dispersion and performance in the SPEKTOR 6.

    Key Features:
    - Dual 6.5" woofers, extra-lightweight soft dome tweeter
    - High efficiency / low amplifier demand
    - DALI's signature paper / wood-fibre speaker cones
    - Smooth sound radiation pattern


    DALI Spektor Vokal

    Taking centre stage, the SPEKTOR VOKAL delivers clarity and depth to any movie. The two 4½” woofers and 25 mm soft dome are setup to match perfectly with any of the three models in the SPEKTOR series.

    Key Features:
    - 4.5" woofer, extra-lightweight soft dome tweeter
    - High efficiency / low amplifier demand
    - DALI's signature paper / wood-fibre speaker cones
    - Smooth sound radiation pattern


    DALI Spektor 1

    The ultra-compact speaker in this DALI range. Built around a 4½” wood fibre woofer and a 21 mm soft dome tweeter, the SPEKTOR 1 is perfect for almost any place that requires a small but well-performing speaker. Front, rear or side speakers in a surround system, or alone in a compact stereo setup.

    Key Features:
    - 4.5" woofer, extra-lightweight soft dome tweeter
    - High efficiency / low amplifier demand
    - DALI's signature paper / wood-fibre speaker cones
    - Smooth sound radiation pattern
    - Stands for the Spektor 1 available separately


    DALI Sub C-8 D

    Unlike many subwoofers, the DALI SUB C-8 D has been engineered to perform equally well on both music and movies. Though featuring a 8” down-firing woofer, the SUB C-8 D can render a true-to-life signal thanks to DALI's persistent engineering work and is everything but a ‘boombox’.

    Key Features:
    - 8" down-firing subwoofer and bass port makes for kid- and pet-friendly use
    - High-yield 170W Class D amplifier with 220W peak output
    - Elegant, sleek exterior design
    - LFE and mono / stereo RCA inputs with crossover and phase adjustments for easy integration into any system




    White Projector Mount Ceiling Bracket PM101w

    - Holds up to 15kgs
    - Supports 3 or 4 mounting holes
    - Full 360-degree rotation
    - Easily assembled with the most common fittings provided
    - Built-in cable management

    This projector mount is suitable for mounting most LCD and DLP projectors to the ceiling. Allows you to easily and securely mount your projector to the ceiling and is best suited to rooms with 8 or 9 foot ceilings, as it mounts the projector just 150mm from the ceiling. Offers a wide range of adjustment to suit the majority of modern 3 or 4 point LCD and DLP projectors.


    Ugly High-Speed HDMI Cables

    This great-value HDMI cable guarantees unhindered quality! From an HDMI certified manufacturer, this HDMI cable is capable of carrying high definition 1080p Full HD signals, with a bandwidth of 10.2 Gbps, and is fully compliant with HDMI standards.

    Available in lengths 5m to 15m, connect your receiver to the projector, wherever you've mounted it!

    We have also included two short HDMI cables so you can connect your source devices to the AV receiver!

    This cable offers superior noise prevention properties that prevent signal interference effectively, including triple shielding. Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) 30 AWG conductors provide excellent signal transfer properties. 24k Gold Plated connectors ensure a solid connection. Metal connector housings ensure this cable will last, and they also look great.




    ISIX Pro HQ Digital Coaxial Subwoofer Cable

    Terminated with gold plated RCA plugs each end, this cable offers a no added noise for an interference-free listening environment.

    Connect your Subwoofer to your home theatre amplifier/receiver.

    - Ferrite cores to help protect signal integrity
    - 24k gold plated Connectors
    - True 75 ohm, OFC Cable
    - Dual Shielding
    - Moulded Full Metal Connectors for extra strength

    Ugly 16 AWG Speaker Cable 50m Roll

    Our cable uses a 99.95% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) core, in a "Fig 8" configuration and performs at the highest levels. Unlike a lot of cheaper cables this one is a legitimate 16 AWG, many cheaper cables have a very thick jacket on them which makes the cable look a lot thicker than it really is.
    This UGLY Cable speaker cable has a normal sized jacket and a nice thick cable inside, you get exactly what you pay for.

    Perfect for Home Theare and Hi Fi use! This cable is ideally suited for surround sound and book shelf type speakers.

    Giving you the best value! We import this cable ourselves which means we can pass on the value to you. Because we sell direct, you don't have to pay extra margins and still get the exact same quality.

    - Size: 16 AWG
    - Dimensions: 3.5mm x 7mm
    - Carriers: 252 x 0.10mm x 2 cores
    - PVC: Clear With White Trace


    About the DALI Spektor speaker series

    Bringing the Spektor series to life has been a delicate balancing act of getting the optimum amount of audio performance, and optimising the production of every element of each speaker. Getting this much performance from a speaker series in this price range not only took all of DALI's experience and know-how, but also hours and hours spent in the listening room, improving the driver and crossover designs to create the perfect audio performance that exceeds their affordable price point.



    Dali's low-loss drivers uses a mix of low-mass paper and wood fibre reinforcement for their cones. The embedded wood fibres give the surface an uneven structure, which dramatically minimises the resonance of the surface. This creates the best possible reproduction of every detail in the audio signal.



    The amplifier friendly design of the SPEKTOR series make them a perfect fit for almost any of the amplifiers in its price category. The SPEKTOR will bring out the best of any amplifier, be it compact Hi-Fi, stereo amplifiers or surround receivers--showing you just how good music and movies can sound.


    The dome tweeter offers best-in-class resolution with an extended frequency response, wide dispersion and low coloration. The sound is a clear heritage from DALI's high-end series. The tweeter is based on an ultra-lightweight weaved fabric, which weighs less than half of the market standard (0.056 mg/mm2).



    By using only DALI designed and custom-built drivers, the need for frequency correction in the crossover is eliminated. This enables DALI to design an exact crossover which together with carefully selected quality components ensure that the signal loss is close to zero.


    The SPEKTOR tweeters render high frequencies with high accuracy. This means very short excursions but at high acceleration. In other words, it features a low moving mass and a strong motor.

    The tweeter used in the SPEKTOR Series is based on an ultra-light weight weaved fabric. Compared to most soft dome tweeters in the market, the DALI dome material is less than half the weight; 0.056 mg per mm2.

    The beauty of the soft dome tweeter is its impressive ability to play even the lowest parts of the high frequency range without any break-ups. This is crucial when handling the all important hand-over from the woofer to the tweeter. Not having to push either the woofer or tweeter beyond what they do best results in a seamless transition and preserves every detail in the mid-range frequencies.



    The wood fibre cones are a DALI trademark, as well as a proven DALI technology. The SPEKTOR cone membranes are crafted from a mix of fine-grained paper and wood fibre pulp. This makes the cones very rigid, very lightweight, and the unevenness in the structure of the membrane helps minimise unwanted surface resonances.

    Combining the well-behaving wood fibre cone with the low-loss rubber surround and spider suspension results in the reproduction of even the smallest micro-detail in the signal – unfiltered and with high accuracy.

    The structure of the chassis is designed for optimal strength and airflow. Keeping the woofer structure strong eliminates internal vibrations and the optimised airflow around the cone area keeps movements unhindered, resulting in the ability to transform as much of the energy from the amplifier as possible, into movement.


    DALI makes it easy to integrate your loudspeakers into any room. Both the driver materials and geometry applied in the SPEKTOR speakers have been selected to achieve a wide dispersion pattern.

    You will experience a well-integrated sound, even when listening significantly off-axis. And, as you are often not seated directly in front of the loudspeaker when listening to music, this is important.

    Optimising the audio signal for off-axis distribution results in the signal reaching your ear directly and the signal reflected off the room surfaces, to have a coherent balance. This means a consistent high sound quality across a much wider listening area. At the same time, it offers greater freedom and flexibility in positioning the loudspeakers.

    An added benefit is hugely reduced harmonic distortion and diffractions causing frequency distortion, as these will always be stronger in an on-axis response. This is also the reason why all DALI speakers are not designed for toeing-in.



    The primary function of any loudspeaker is to convert the electrical signal from the amplifier into a realistic audio experience in the listening room. Any distortion or coloration of the original signal by drivers or enclosures is by definition a degradation of the sound.

    Clarity in an audio signal is obtained by low loss of information in combination with creating a smooth and seamless reproduction in both the time and frequency domain.

    By using only DALI designed and custom-built drivers, the need for frequency correction in the crossover is eliminated. This enables an exact crossover to be designed and built out of quality components, which ensures that the signal loss is close to zero.

    Another fundamental idea is the lowering of mechanical distortion. This to make sure that the connected amplifier will not be exposed to a larger than necessary challenge, causing loss of detail in the signal even before it has the chance to reach the loudspeaker.

    Through very low mechanical loss, the most fragile sound details, even at very low listening levels, are preserved. This is the only way to obtain the sensation of ultimate transparency and “liveliness” from reproduced loudspeaker sound.


    Placing a subwoofer is a very large part of creating the perfect audio reproduction. It is recommended to place a subwoofer like the C-8 D ideally in a corner, or alongside a wall as a second choice. This will maximise the bass output and the distribution around the room. The compact size of the SUB C-8 D makes placing it correctly much easier than with many larger subwoofers.

    Over the years DALI engineers have developed a set of sound design principles. Today these are applied in the creation of any DALI speaker. Naturally, subwoofers must be able to enter into any setup without sacrificing the purpose of providing wide dispersion, time coherence and low-loss performance. The DALI SUB C-8 D will feel equally at home in a movie focused surround setup and in a compact stereo setup meant for mainly musical enjoyment.

    The integrated 170 Watt RMS Class D amplifier is highly linear. The DALI SUB C-8 D will follow and render the required signal with an absolute minimum of bias. Designed not only for continuous power, but also for peak performances, the SUB C-8 D is able to deliver 220 Watts of peak power. This is very important for both movie and music signals.

    To improve sound reproduction and to ensure performance under difficult circumstances, a limiter has been incorporated in the amplifier section. The integrated limiter works in two ways: It compares the input signal amplitude to the potential output signal level, and compares the available supply voltage from the power supply to the expected output signal. If any of these comparisons show potential problem, the limiter will reduce the signal discreetly and without affecting peak power.

    Fitted with controls for gain, cut-off frequency, and phase, the DALI SUB C-8 D will adapt to any front speakers and room acoustics. And with a choice of LFE and LINE inputs it can be connected to almost any amplifier, receiver or processor.

    The switch-mode power supply is part of the reason for very low power consumption - only 0.4 Watt in standby mode. And the amplifier yields an impressive efficiency of 70%. The high-efficiency amplifier section and power supply together generate an absolute minimum of heat loss. For that reason you will find no external heat sink on the SUB C-8 D.

    DALI SUB C-8 D is equipped with an 8” down-firing woofer. The cone is constructed from high-quality paper pulp, produce a rigid cone with excellent breakup characteristics while at the same time being very lightweight and agile.

    The woofer engine is built around an oversized ferrite magnet and optimised for maximum flux within the voice coil gap. It was crucial for DALI's project team to enable the SUB C-8 D to render the finer low frequency details in music - and also put out high sound pressure levels on request. The measured values indicate that we reached a level of control and precision rarely found in this category at all. And the numerous listening sessions have truly convinced us that this was the right way to go.

    The voice coil is 26.5 mm long and built for long excursions, vented to ensure air-cooling to the system, and the benefit is a stable impedance response. The pole piece is likewise vented for maximum cooling, and here the venting also reduces internal compression in the motor system. This ensures free movement of the cone without any over/under pressure affecting performance.

    Adhering to the low-loss sound design principle, the surround of the woofer is built to allow long and linear excursion. The over-sized suspension is designed to allow transients small and large to all turn into undistorted acoustic signals.

    The solid MDF cabinet is designed and manufactured to meet the tough DALI specifications. Coming in a choice of Black Ash or White finish, it can blend in perfectly with most speaker designs and room decors.

    The entire cabinet is effectively decoupled from the floor by means of four polymer based oversized spikes. Appearing to hover above the floor, the distance of 30 mm eliminates any potential turbulence from the space between the cabinet and the floor itself. Still, the proximity to the floor ensures that the benefit of having a down-firing subwoofer is maintained; a higher efficiency and more freedom in positioning.


    More Information
    Model Number EH-TW5700 RX-V4A Spektor 6, Spektor 1, Spektor Vokal, Sub C-8 D
    RRP 6,881.00

    Yamaha RX-V4A 5.2 Receiver


    /Cinema DSP 3D
    /Music Enhancer
    /High Slew Rate Amplifier

    /HDR 10+, 8K/60 Hz and 4K/120 Hz*
    /Gaming-dedicated functions (ALLM,VRR,QMS,QFT)*
    /Multiple 8K Compatible HDMI Inputs*

    /AV Setup Guide App
    /MusicCast APP
    /Voice control with Alexa and Google Assistant devices or Siri via Airplay 2. *availability varies by region

    /Wireless Rear Speaker compatible
    /Brand new design

    *Available via FW update



    Channel: 5.2
    Rated Power: 80W (8 ohms, 20hz-20kHz, 0.06 THD)
    Rated Power: 115W (6 ohms, 1kHz, 1ch driven, 0.9% THD)
    Speaker Terminals: 5
    High Slew Rate Amplifier: Yes

    Inputs / Outputs

    HDMI In: 4
    HDMI Out: 1
    4K Support: 4K@60Hz / 4k@120Hz
    8K Support: 8K@60Hz
    Video Upscailing: Upto 4K
    HDR Support: HDR10/HDR10+/Dolby Vision/HLG
    Digital Optical: 1
    Digital Coax: 1
    Analogue: 3
    XLR: -
    Wi-Fi/Ethernet: Yes (2.4Ghz/5Ghz)
    Bluetooth: Yes
    Airplay 2: Yes
    USB: Yes
    Pre-out: 2 x Mono Subwoofer
    Headphone Output: 1

    Audio Features

    Sound Format: Dolby TrueHD / DTS:MA
    DAC: BurrBrown PCM5101A
    Pure Direct: Yes
    Powered Multi-Zone: Zone B (with 3.1 Main Zone)


    MusicCast Multi-room: Yes
    Wireless Surrounds Compatible: Yes
    Airplay 2: Yes
    Streaming Services: Spotify/Tidal/Deezer/Amazon Music/Net Radio
    Voice Control Services: Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant
    Network Control Protocol: YXC (MC Control)


    OSD/GUI: OSD (Overlay)
    YPAO Automatic Calibration: Yes
    Radio Tuner: DAB+/FM


    Standby Power Consumption (IR only): 0.1W
    Dimensions (WxHxD): 435 x 171 x 377 mm
    With Antenna Up: 435 x 245 x 377 mm
    Weight: 8.8kg


    Epson EH-TW5700 Projector

    Product Name:  EH-TW5700
    Product Code:  V11HA12053

    Projection System: 3LCD
    LCD Panel:  0.61-inch panel
    Lamp Type:  200 W UHE

    Colour Light Output:  2,700 Lumens
    White Light Output:  2,700 Lumens
    Resolution: 1080p
    Native Aspect Ratio: 116:9
    Contrast Ratio:  35,000:1
    Colour Reproduction: Up to 1.07 billion colours
    Colour Processing: 10bit

    Keystone Correction :
    Vertical: -30 to +30 degrees
    Horizontal: -30 to +30 degrees

    Lens Shift:  NA
    Optical Zoom:  1 - 1.2 (Optical)

    Screen Size:
    34" to 332" [0.91 to 9.11 m] (Zoom: Wide)
    34" to 332" [1.09 to 10.94 m] (Zoom: Tele)

    Projection Distance: 80" screen 2.17 – 2.61m
    Throw Ratio: 1.22 (Zoom:Wide), 1.47 (Zoom:Tele)
    Projection Lens F Number:  1.49 - 1.72
    Projection Lens Focal Length:  16.9 - 20.28mm
    Focus Method: Manual

    Input: Video: 1 x USB mini B (service)
    Input: Digital:  1 x HDMI
    Output:  1 x Audio out
    Speaker Output:  1 x 10W

    Advanced Features
    Smart Media Player (SMP): Yes
    Wireless: Yes (via SMP)
    21:9 ultra-wide full HD: Yes
    Dark Gamma Uplift: Yes
    Detail Enhancement: Yes
    AV Mute: Yes
    Frame Interpolation: Yes
    3D Display: Yes
    2-3D Conversion: No
    Direct Power On: Yes
    Bluetooth Audio: Yes (SBC, aptX)
    Security: Kensington®-style lock provision
    Colour Modes: 2D : Dynamic, Bright Cinema, Natural, Cinema

    Dimensions D x W x H (Inc Feet):  308 x 309 x 107 mm
    Weight:  Approx. 3.6kg
    Projector Warranty:  2 Years
    Lamp Warranty:  12 months or 750 hours*
    Power Consumption: Lamp on:  297W
    Power Consumption: Standby:  0.3W
    Noise Level:  Normal/Eco: 36/28 dB


    Spektor 6 Floor Standing Speakers

    Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 43 - 26,000 Hz
    Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m) [dB] 88.5 dB
    Nominal Impedance [ohms] 6 ohms
    Maximum SPL [dB] 109 dB
    Recommended Amplifier Power [W] 30 - 150 Watt
    Crossover Frequency [Hz] 2,500 Hz
    Crossover Principle 2-way
    High frequency driver, Quantity 1 x 25 mm
    High frequency driver, Diaphragm type Soft Textile Dome
    Low frequency driver, Quantity 2 x 6,5"
    Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type Wood Fibre Cone
    Enclosure type Bass Reflex
    Bass Reflex Tuning Frequency [Hz] 41.0 Hz
    Connection Input Single Wire
    Recommended Placement Floor
    Recommended Distance From Wall [cm] 20 - 100 cm
    Dimensions (HxWxD) [mm] 972 x 195 x 313 mm
    Accessories Included Spikes
    Rubber Feet
    Weight [kg] 13.8 kg



    Spektor Vokal Centre Speaker

    Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 66 - 26,000 Hz
    Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m) [dB] 87.0 dB
    Nominal Impedance [ohms] 6 ohms
    Maximum SPL [dB] 107 dB
    Recommended Amplifier Power [W] 40 - 120 Watt
    Crossover Frequency [Hz] 2,100 Hz
    Crossover Principle 2-way
    High frequency driver, Quantity 1 x 25 mm
    High frequency driver, Diaphragm type Soft Textile Dome
    Low frequency driver, Quantity 2 x 4,25"
    Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type Wood Fibre Cone
    Enclosure type Bass Reflex
    Bass Reflex Tuning Frequency [Hz] 51.5 Hz
    Connection Input Single Wire
    Recommended Placement Shelf or stand
    Recommended Distance From Wall [cm] 1 - 50 cm
    Dimensions (HxWxD) [mm] 152 x 435 x 204 mm
    Accessories Included Rubber Feet
    Weight [kg] 5.3 kg



    Spektor 1 Bookshelf Speakers

    Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 59 - 26,000 Hz
    Sensitivity (2,83 V/1 m) [dB] 83.0 dB
    Nominal Impedance [ohms] 6 ohms
    Maximum SPL [dB] 103 dB
    Recommended Amplifier Power [W] 40 - 100 Watt
    Crossover Frequency [Hz] 2,100 Hz
    Crossover Principle 2-way
    High frequency driver, Quantity 1 x 21 mm
    High frequency driver, Diaphragm type Soft Textile Dome
    Low frequency driver, Quantity 1 x 4,5"
    Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type Wood Fibre Cone
    Enclosure type Bass Reflex
    Bass Reflex Tuning Frequency [Hz] 58.0 Hz
    Connection Input Single Wire
    Recommended Placement Shelf or stand
    Recommended Distance From Wall [cm] 1 - 50 cm
    Dimensions (HxWxD) [mm] 237 x 140 x 195 mm
    Accessories Included Rubber Feet
    Wall Bracket
    Weight [kg] 2.6 kg



    Sub C-8 D 8" Down-Firing Active Subwoofer

    Frequency Range (+/-3 dB) [Hz] 33 - 200
    Maximum SPL [dB] 109
    Crossover Frequency [Hz] 40 - 120
    Low frequency driver, Quantity 1 x 8" long stroke
    Low frequency driver, Diaphragm type Paper Fibre Cone
    Enclosure type Bass Reflex
    Bass Reflex Tuning Frequency [Hz] 49.0
    Max. Amplifier Power Output [RMS watt] 220
    Continous IEC Power Output [RMS watt] 170
    Input Impedance [ohms] 25k
    Connection Input Mono (LFE)
    Stereo (low-pass filtered)
    Magnetic Shielding No
    Recommended Placement Floor
    Recommended Distance From Wall [cm] 10 - 30
    Functions Crossover Frequency
    Phase Switch
    Standby (Auto Power) On/Off Switch
    Volume (Gain)
    Max. Power Consumption [W] 250
    Standby Power Consumption [W] 0.4
    Idle Power Consumption[W] 10.4
    Dimensions With Base (HxWxD) [mm] 335 x 295 x 310
    Accessories Included Manual
    Weight [kg] 10.4



    - Image Size (diagonal): 120 inches / 305 cm / 3.05 metres
    - Viewable Area: 266cm x 149cm
    - Outer Dimensions: 285cm x 168cm
    - Depth (from wall): 4cm



    User Manual (PDF, 745KB)

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    DALI speakers come with a generous 5-year warranty for peace of mind. The electronics (e.g. amplifier circuitry) in the subwoofer are covered for 2 years while the rest of the subwoofer (driver, cabinet etc.) are covered for 5 years.

    The Epson TW5700 includes a 2 Year Warranty from Epson Australia. The lamp is covered by warranty for 1 Year or 750 Hours (whichever comes first).

    Purchase with confidence. This receiver includes a 2 Year Warranty from Yamaha Australia, for your peace of mind.

    Visit the Yamaha Australia website for full warranty details.

    Find your nearest Yamaha authorised service centre.

    The screen, bracket, and cables are covered by a 12-month Australian warranty.

    If you experience any issues with this product please don't hesitate to contact us.
    How much does delivery cost?
    We offer free post on all orders over $29 to anywhere within the Australian mainland and Tasmania.

    Can I pick up my purchase from your store?
    Yes. You can usually pick up your order from one of our stores. We recommend that you contact us first to ensure your order is ready for collection.

    What happens if I'm not happy with my product when it arrives?
    We offer a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products! If your order arrives damaged, faulty or not quite as you expected, please contact us and we will do everything we can to fix the situation.

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