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Pro-Ject Spin-Clean MKII Record Washer System

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• Keep your records at their best

• Prolong the life of your stylus

• Suitable for all types of records

• Clean both sides simultaneously

Wash Your Records
Anyone who has used conventional brush-type or spray-and-wipe record cleaners knows how awkward they are, and that they have limited ability. Simply put, those other cleaners do not remove all the dirt, dust, and grime out of the grooves of your old records.

Pro-Ject Spin-Clean MKII
The Spin-Clean system from Pro-Ject is the easiest and most effective solution for cleaning your records and ensuring the cleanliness of your turntable. And unlike other record cleaning machines, the Spin-Clean MK2 record washer enables you to clean both sides of your record at once... with unparalleled results.

Your Search Is Over
Your albums and singles will sound as they were intended to, offering the highest fidelity and most superb acoustic sound. If you've been looking for the ultimate solution in how to clean vinyl records, your search is over. Spin-Clean is the best vinyl record cleaner on the market.

Key Features:
- Suitable for all records: LPs, 45s, 78s
- Removes dust, dirt and miscellaneous grime from your vinyl
- Cleans both sides of the record simultaneously
- Includes felt brushes, cleaning fluid, and more accessories

What's included?
- Washer basin
- Washer basin lid for storage
- Washer fluid (118 mL)
- Pair of replaceable brushes
- Pair of adjustable rollers
- Two washable cloths for drying

How to use it?
1. Fill the yellow basin with distilled water.
2. Add washer fluid.
3. Insert your record.
4. Spin it until it's clean!
5. Dry it off with the included cloth. 

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Model Number Spin-Clean MK2
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