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Floorstanding Packs

For a complete audio system providing fully developed hifi sound, floor standing packs include a combination of centre, bookshelf, floor standing, and subwoofer speakers. Optimized for compatibility, complete speaker packages provide seamless installation and reduced prices compared to individually-purchased components. These speaker systems are convenient for areas with limited available stands, as floor standing speakers do not require any additional support. Not only do they make for gorgeous stand-alone furniture, they also offer improved bass quality compared to bookshelf speakers, giving you equally distributed sound. However, using a more powerful amplifier for these systems is recommended to ensure proper control over the audio at higher volumes.
Sleek, professional designs and various colour options provide a home theatre system that you won’t want to hide. Choose from the best quality brands on the market: Polk, Avico, JBL, Krix, and even Selby.  

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