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Bookshelf Packs

These speaker combinations are professionally chosen to optimise compatibility and produce a fully developed audio experience. Bookshelf speakers provide high quality sound in a compact, convenient module that can be placed on a shelf or stand anywhere in the home. Depending on the port location, they may need to be placed a certain distance away from the wall to minimise air vibrations. They normally produce lower bass levels than an equivalent floor standing speaker, so all bookshelf packages include a subwoofer. The centre speaker provides detailed vocal audio for integration with your TV.
Satellite packages are also available for a more affordable surround sound experience. The Polk on-wall speaker package offers quality surround sound for spaces with limited available surfaces. Instead of four bookshelf speakers, two on-wall units are included that can be mounted on any wall of the home. 
Depending on the brand, a variety of colours are available to match the style of your home and current audio system. Choose from top brands producing the highest edge sound technology, such as Krix, Polk, Triangle, Bowers & Wilkins, and JBL.  
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