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Surround Sound Channel Speakers

For quality hifi sound in a compact, affordable speaker set, shop satellite or surround speakers. These speaker pairs provide a full immersive sound quality in small modules that can be seamlessly integrated into your home. We offer bookshelf style speakers for simple installation or on-wall loudspeakers for smooth integration into professional home cinema setups. Small simple options are available for cheap and high-quality sound, as well as more integrative and advanced speaker investments. Home theatre receivers are recommended for use with these speakers to accurately calibrate the appropriate signals.

These systems usually have a poor bass response, therefore you should consider including a subwoofer in your Hifi surround sound satellite environment. For an all-encompassing home cinema experience, use more substantial speakers at the front, and satellite speakers near the back to provide supporting surround sound. Selby offers the best-guaranteed prices for a large variety of speaker brands and styles, as well as free shipping for all Australia customers. We sell several high-end brands including Krix, Polk, Triangle, and Bowers & Wilkins.
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