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4-Zone 8-Speaker Pack with 6.5" In-Ceiling Glass Fibre Speakers


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This great-value package is perfect for distributing music around your home or commercial space.

4-Zone 6.5" In-Ceiling Glass Fibre Speaker Package
This custom speaker package is perfect for setting up an in-ceiling speaker solution for your home-wide music system. Coupled with the included 4-Way Speaker Switch, you'll be able to run all 8 speakers from one speaker cable to your amp. The switch also enables you to isolate or listen to all pairs of the 8 speakers at once.

This is ideal for configurations where you want to play music from a single amp to several locations in your house, such as your home theatre room and outdoor entertainment area. With this package, you can easily play music from all 4 speaker pairs at once, or isolate any of them to play music in just one location.

This package is ideal for shops or offices where you may want to play announcements or music over a large area. The possibilities really are endless! 

Installing these speakers into the wall or ceiling will save you space and the 4-way speaker switch will make it even easier to keep track of your audio cables. 

Package Includes: 
- 8x 6.5" 100W Glass Fibre In-Ceiling Speakers
- 1x 4-Way Speaker Selector Switch

If you don't have it already, make sure you have enough Speaker Cable to connect your system. Keep in mind that each of the 8 speakers needs to run to the switch box, and then two channels between the switch box and the amplifier.

Quality and Style
These in-ceiling speakers look fantastic and sound exceptional. High-grade materials and quality manufacturing processes ensure this range of speakers truly deliver.

Large speaker enclosures (floorstanding/bookshelf speakers) take up a lot of space and sometimes look aesthetically untidy (not to mention the tangles of speaker wires running along your floor and walls). In-Wall and Ceiling Speakers are the perfect alternative that look fantastic and sound exceptional. And no more messy wires! These speakers utilise the ceiling or wall cavity to create a smooth bass response with exceptional higher tones, all in a compact, discrete and stylish design.

Glass Fibre Cones
The cones on these speakers are constructed from a glass fibre material. This is often found in higher-end speaker models and is suitable for playing everything from music to blockbuster movies. A smart choice if you are after a better sound quality in your entertainment space

2-Way Speakers
Each 2-way speaker features a 6.5" glass fibre cone with a 1" (25.4 mm) aluminium pivoting dome tweeter. The tweeter is isolated from the woofer, which provides more accurate sound reproduction. Two switches on the front of the speaker (hidden behind the grill) allow you to make adjustments to the bass and treble levels to achieve the sound you want.

- Woofer: 6.5" Glass Fibre
- Tweeter: 1" (25mm) Aluminium Pivoting
- Bridged Tweeter: isolated from the woofer for more accurate sound reproduction
- Front Adjustment Switches: adjust bass and treble easily
- Power: 100 Watts maximum
- Impedance: 8 Ohms
- Sensitivity: 90 dB
- Frequency Range: 50 Hz - 22 kHz
- Large 17 oz magnet
- Long-lasting, durable stainless steel hardware
- Rust-proof aluminium grills
- Colour: White

Please note: Not suitable for environments where the air has a high salt content, such as coastal areas. For more info, please contact our helpful staff.

4-Way Speaker Cable Selector Switch
This switch allows four pairs of speakers to be run from an amplifier with only one set of outputs, or four pairs of speakers from the one speaker cable. The switch allows you to listen to one pair, two pairs, three pairs, or all four pairs at once! The spring clip terminals accept speaker cable up to 16 AWG.

Impedance: Prevent Damage to your Amp!
Please note that this switch can only be used with an amplifier that can operate down to 4 Ohms. If you are not sure if your amp is compatible, get in touch with us.

Impedance switching built into the unit ensures the minimum impedance seen by the amp is 4 Ohm (if using 8 Ohm speakers), no matter how many of the pairs of speakers are switched on. See chart below.

Impedance Chart
Switches on (impedance):
- 1/2/3/4 (8 Ohm)
- 1+2 (16 Ohm)
- 1+3 (4 Ohm)
- 1+4 (4 Ohm)
- 2+3 (4 Ohm)
- 2+4 (4 Ohm)
- 3+4 (16 Ohm)
- 1+2+3 (5.3 Ohm)
- 1+2+4 (5.3 Ohm)
- 1+3+4 (5.3 Ohm)
- 2+3+4 (5.3 Ohm)
- 1+2+3+4 (8 Ohm)

More Information
Model Number XD6215B A1006
RRP 1,038.00

Speaker Dimensions:

- Outer Diameter: 238 mm
- Hole Diameter: 205 mm
- Total Depth: 105 mm

Switch Box Max Power: 

100W Max per channel

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