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Projector Screens

Size is the most important factor in terms of projector screens. Since the screen itself will not have much of an impact on the image quality, size compatibility with the projector is the key component. It's important to consider the quality capabilities of the projector and its distance from the screen. A wide variety of sizes is available, from 73 to 200 inches. Retractable projector screens include manual pull-down and motorised models. These allow you to turn a living room or other room in your home into a home theatre temporarily. For more professional home cinema installations, a fixed screen is recommended. The most common screen aspect ratio is 16:9, which suits a great variety of movies, TV shows, and any content from a common bluray player. CinemaScope, or ultra wide 21:9 ratios, are also available for home theatre enthusiasts, which is ideally suited for modern blockbuster movies to give the experience of a real movie theatre. 

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