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Krix + ToneWinner 13.2 Cinema Package


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As low as $22,990

RRP $27,441

• Powerful ToneWinner AV Processor

• 2 x 7 Ch ToneWinner Power Amplifiers

• Amazing Krix 'behind-screen' Cinema Speakers (LCR + Subwoofers)

• High Performance On-wall surrounds

• Dedicated Yamaha power amplifier for subwoofers

• Experience Real Cinema At Home!


Krix + ToneWinner Massive 13.2 Cinema Package

Headlining this package is the Krix MX-10 Dedicated Cinema speaker system, delivering immense power and dynamics for it's size. This system is designed to give you a real cinema experience in your own home. When paired with an acoustically transparent screen the entire MX-10 system (including the subs!) can be positioned behind the picture. Just like in a real commercial cinema.

Powering this demanding system is the immensely impressive ToneWinner AT-300 Processor and two AD-7300+ Power Amplifiers. This combo splits the delicate AV processing from the pure grunt of the power amps. Both packed with high quality features and hardware designed specifically for high performance home cinemas.

Australian-made Krix speakers
Krix is a pedigree Australian brand and their iconic speaker systems can be heard in most Australian cinemas, as well as international cinemas. With this fantastic value package, you can bring that room-filling sound to your home!

Perfection can take time
Krix speakers are usually made-to-order in South Australia, with construction beginning once your order has been placed. This process ensures great attention to detail is applied to each and every speaker, but it can also take time - sometimes around 2 weeks.

Give us a call
A premium product like this deserves the personal touch, so we would love to speak with you to ensure everything is perfect from start to finish. Please feel free to call us (or visit us in-store) to discuss your new system.

What's Included:

ToneWinner AT-300 AV Processor
- ToneWinner AD-7300PA+ 7 Ch Power Amplifier (x2)
- Krix MX-10 Modular Speaker System
Krix Phonix 45 Surround Speakers (5 pairs)
- Yamaha PX3 Power Amplifier


ToneWinner AT-300 AV Processor

The AT-300 is a professional home theatre AV processor that supports the latest immersive audio formats, including Dolby Atmos, DTS:X (7.3.6 or 9.3.4) and smart phone app control. Designed and built by THX engineers for meticulous home cinema enthusiasts and featuring ToneWinner's room correction technology. In addition, the AT-300 pre-amplifier features loads of input and output options including balanced XLR, RCA, HDMI and Optical audio.

In addition to standard RCA analogue outputs, the AT-300 comes equipped with 14 high quality balanced XLR outs. Use these outputs for a superior connection to the ToneWinner AD-7300PA+ power amplifier. A balanced connection has superior resistance to noise and interference ensuring a cleaner signal makes it's way to your power amp.

Key Features:
- Supports up to Dolby Atmos, DTS:X (7.3.6 or 9.3.4 ch)
- 4K Ultra HD supporting HDMI 2.1, eARC, HDCP 2.2, HLG, HDR10+, DOLBY VISION & CEC
- Premium 4K/60P video processor chipset by Panasonic (MN864788)
- Dolby Surround, DTS Neural:X surround up-mixing mode, Multi-channel mode & Direct mode
- HDMI 6 Inputs & 2 Outputs, RCA x 4, SPDIF COAXIAL x 2, SPDIF OPTICAL x 2
- Premium power supply, 24K gold plated XLR and RCA connectors, advanced chipset
- PEQ adjustment (LCR: 11-Band, Surround 7-band, Subwoofer 5-band EQ adjustment)
- Audiophile-grade Cirrus Logic CS42528 D/A Converter
- ToneWinner Room Correction + 4 Sound Profile Setting
- Includes high quality ToneWinner Room Correction mic
- Supports high-resolution audio formats (FLAC, WAV, APE via USB, SD Card and PC Audio)
- Supports Bluetooth audio streaming with App Control
- Custom integration features: RS232, IR input, trigger output

AT-300 User Manual (PDF, 7.62MB)

ToneWinner AD-7300PA+ 7 Ch Power Amplifier (x2)

Introducing the AD-7300PA+, ToneWinner's beast of a 7-channel home theatre & hi-fi power amplifier. Whether you're watching a blockbuster movie or listening to a rocking live concert, this power amplifier will take your audio to new levels. Featuring exceptional dynamic range and near silent background noise, the AD-7300PA+ ensures you'll hear every detail, from the softest to the loudest.

And trust us, the AD-7300PA+ is packing some serious grunt under the hood! Each of the 7 channels of the AD-7300PA+ feature 3 pairs of high power three-level push-pull Darlington circuit transistors providing the smooth yet punchy 300 watts of grunt per channel @ 8 ohms.

Seven huge heavy duty cast aluminium comb radiators ensure efficient running during long sessions. The front left and right channels are even given special treatment having direct access to the 2 giant comb radiators on each side of the unit. While the amplifier is Class AB, the front left and right channels operate at higher power levels bringing them closer to the characteristics of Class A.

Key Features:
- 2 x AD-7300PA+ power amps included for 14 channels of Grunt!
- High Output: 300W (8ohms), 500W (4ohms) per channel
- Exceptional low noise, THD + Distortion less than <0.01%
- High signal to noise ratio >100db (FTC Rated Power)
- Premium transistors for high power output performance
- Next generation high efficiency Class H power supply topology
- Fully regulated power supply - over 3000 watts
- 24K gold plated RCA & XLR inputs
- 24K gold plated oversize speaker terminals
- Large VU meter with red needle Trigger input & output
- Aluminium chassis

AD-7300PA+ User Manual (PDF, 6.38MB)

Krix MX-10 Modular Speaker System

Designed for dedicated home cinemas with an acoustically transparent screen, the MX-10 will deliver your favourite movie soundtracks with supreme definition and accuracy, right through the picture and into your seat.

Not everyone has a room that's up to 140m2, so Krix has taken their award winning MX-30 and MX-20 Infinite Baffle modular speaker systems and re-engineered them into a smaller more compact system specifically designed for smaller rooms. But has the famous "wall of sound" cinema experience been lost? Absolutely not! The compact MX-10 system still punches out a wall of sound that plunges through the big screen. As with the other MX modular speaker systems Krix produces, every aspect is optimised to deliver the most faithful reproduction of movie soundtracks, from a whisper to the explosion immediately after, these modules provide a true commercial cinema experience at home.

For the ultimate cinema experience at home, play it through Krix.

- Behind Screen Cinema Quality Speakers
- Based on the award winning MX-20 and MX-30 modular speaker systems
- Easy To Install
- Krix Infinite Baffle Wall

Krix Phonix Flat On-Wall Surround Speakers

For enveloping surround sound and overhead effects, the cleverly angled Phonix 45 provides an immersive home theatre experience as a surround or ceiling effect speaker. Installed vertically or horizontally, the Phonix 45 is best used in locations where the speaker would normally be considerably off-axis to the main listening position. Prime examples are the front wide, front height, top front, top rear and rear height positions. By angling the front baffle towards your seat, the high-frequency response is improved and significantly less equalisation and power are required. The speaker can also be mounted tightly into a corner.

The Phonix 45 has been designed with a shallow 124mm depth, so it can also be installed “flat” to the wall, for speaker positions that are more on-axis with the seating locations.

- On-wall surround speakers
- Immersive surround or ceiling effects
- Suitable for wall and ceiling mounting
- Compact, angled design
- High power handling
- 5 Pairs Included (10 surround channels!)


Yamaha PX3 Power Amplifier

With ample power on tap and professional output processing and safety controls, this unassuming Yamaha unit is actually ideally suited to applications requiring serious power, such as driving power-hungry mains floorstander speakers and passive subwoofers such as those found in the Krix MX line. Choosing the PX line of pro amplifiers will allow your system installer maximum flexibility in configuring and maximising the performance of your home cinema.

- 500W into 2 x 4 ohm Speakers
- Up to 1000W into 1 x 4 ohm Speaker (Boost Mode)
- 15 Pre-programed Input/Output Patterns for Easy Installation
- Rack Mountable


More Information
Model Number BUN900879
RRP 27,441.00

ToneWinner AT-300 Pre-Amplifier

Chipset: PANASONIC MN864788
Processing: ADI SHARC-21573 DSP Processor & ARM Core Processor
D/A Converter: Cirrus Logic CS42528

Video Features:
- HDMI 2.1
- eARC
- HDCP 2.2
- HDR10+

Room Correction: ToneWinner Room Correction + 4 Sound Profile Setting
Sound Adjustment: Parametric EQ (LCR: 11-Band, Surround 7-band, Subwoofer 5-band adjustment)

THD Noise: >98db (A-Weight)
Crosstalk Separation: >80db
Distortion: < 0.02%
Dimensions W x H x D: 431 x 100 x 326mm
Net Weight: 4.4kg

ToneWinner AD-7300PA+ Power Amplifier (x2)

Topology: Fully discreet, dual differential, high current, short signal path Class A/B - Class H power supply
Channels: 7 Channels - High powered single channel modules

Power Output: (Rated Power; THD <0.1% @ 115V (Tested @ AC 240V)
324 watts RMS/channel; 20 Hz – 20 kHz; THD<0.1%; 8 Ohms; one channel driven
584 watts RMS/channel; 20 Hz – 20 kHz; THD<0.1%; 4 Ohms; one channel driven
307watts RMS/channel; THD<0.1%; 8 Ohms; two channels driven
500 watts RMS/channel; THD<0.1%; 4 Ohms; two channels driven
190 watts RMS/channel; THD<0.1%; 8 Ohms; all seven channels driven

Power Bandwidth (at rated power; 8 Ohm load): 20 Hz to 20 kHz (+ / – 0.1 dB)
Broad-Band Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 70 kHz +0/-2 dB
THD + noise: < 0.006%; at 100 watts RMS; 1 kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio (8 Ohm load): > 106 dB; ref FTC rated power; unbalanced input (A-weighted)

Power Supply:
 Class H topology
Power Consumption:
Dimensions W x H x D:
 440 x 197 x 445 mm

Krix MX-10 Modular Speaker System

MX-10 LCR Speaker Modules
- Frequency Range: 40 Hz - 20 kHz in-room response
- Power Handling: 50 - 200 Watts RMS recommended amplifier power
- Sensitivity: 97dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre
- Impedance: 8 Ohms
- Configuration: 2-way
- Crossover Point: 1.8 kHz
- Low-Frequency Driver: Single 255mm (10") paper cone driver. 50mm (2") voice coil wound on high powered Kapton former, with ventilated magnet assembly and copper shorting ring for low distortion
- High-Frequency Driver: 26mm (1") doped fabric dome with large roll surround. Ferro fluid cooled. Coupled to a Krix designed 90 x 40 short throw waveguide
- Dimensions: 940mm high x 2040mm wide x 205mm deep (full system including subwoofer modules, including feet)

MX-10 Subwoofer Modules
- Frequency Range: 25 Hz - 500 kHz in-room response
- Power Handling: 450 Watts RMS recommended amplifier power
- Sensitivity: 92dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre
- Impedance: 4 Ohms
- Enclosure Type: Bass reflex, down firing vent
- Low-Frequency Driver: Nominal 305mm (12") diameter doped paper cone driver. 50mm (2") long throw voice coil developed for high level, low frequency reinforcement
- Dimensions: 940mm high x 2040mm wide x 205mm deep (full system including LCR modules, including feet)

System Recommendations
- Minimum Screen Size (16:9): 92 inches (2037mm x 1146mm)
- Minimum Screen Size (21:9): 100 inches (2335mm x 1001mm)

Krix Phonix 45 On-Wall Speakers

Configuration: 2-way
Enclosure Type: Bass reflex, front vented
Frequency Range: 45Hz-20kHz in-room response
Power Handling: 50-150 Watts RMS recommended amplifier power
Sensitivity: 88dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Low-Frequency Driver: Single 165mm (6 1/2") paper cone driver. 33mm (1 1/4") voice coil wound on high powered kapton former, with ventilated magnet assembly and copper shorting ring for low distortion
High-Frequency Driver: 26mm (1") doped fabric dome with large roll surround. Ferro fluid cooled
Crossover Point: 1.8kHz
Input Terminals: High current terminals featuring 5mm hole to accept up to 10 AWG cable
Dimensions: 470mm high x 276mm wide x 124mm deep (please see technical drawing for dimensions when speaker is rotated)
Weight: 6kg each

Yamaha PX3 Power Amplifier

Power Supply Voltage: 220-240V
Output power
: 300W into 2x 8 ohm speakers, 500W into 2x 4 ohm speakers, 300W into 2x 2 ohm speakers
Power boost mode: 600W into 1x 8 ohm speaker, 1000W into 1x 4 ohm speaker
A/D D/A converters: 24-bit linear, 128 times over sampling
THD: 0.1% @ 1kHz, 10W, 3% @ 1kHz, 50% power
Frequency response: ±1.0dB (1W, 8Ω, 20Hz to 20kHz)
SNR: 100dB (A-weighted, 8Ω, Gain setting = +14dBu)
Crosstalk: Less than -60dB (Half Power, 8Ω, 1kHz, Vol max input 150Ω shunt)
Max. voltage gain: 32.1dB / 35.1dB in mono power boost mode
Max. input voltage: 24dB
Line inputs: XLR x2, 1/4" TRS phone jack x2
Speaker outputs: Neutrik SpeakON x2, binding post x4, 1/4" TS phone jack x2
Other I/O: USB 2.0 Standard-A Connector (Female) for Save/Load, Speaker preset update, Firmware update with USB memory; AC inlet x1 with AC cord clamp
Processing options: Input summing; D-CONTOUR(FOH/MAIN, MONITOR, OFF); Delay(0 - 74msec); HPF/LPF(cutoff frequency 20Hz~20kHz with polarity control); Speaker Processor(6 band PEQ + Limiter + Delay)
Latency: 1.5 ms
Presets: 8 user changeable amplifier presets, saveable to USB stick for transfer
Amplifier protection: thermal, overcurrent, overvoltage and over-power-limit protection--amplifier restores itself afterwards
Amplifier class: BTL Class D
Dimensions W x H x D: 480 x 88 x 388mm
Net weight: 6.9kg
Accessories: USB cover, Owner's Manual, Specification sheet, AC cable (2.0m) x 1
Operating Temperature: 0°C to +40°C
Storage temperature:  -20°C to +60°C

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