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King Harald "Bluetooth" Gormsson (whose nickname hailed from his rotten tooth) was known for uniting Denmark & Norway during the Viking age.

Today, Harald is the crowning point for wirelessly uniting devices & streaming music via Bluetooth.

Harald Bluetooth Receiver

The Harald Bluetooth receiver streams the highest quality audio wirelessly from your Bluetooth enabled device to any music system or powered speakers it is connected to. It is a true high fidelity audio component that uses high-end Qualcomm® apt X ™ HD, apt X™LL, aptX ™ and AAC audio streaming codecs and audiophile-grade DAC to unleash all the clarity, crispness and full emotional impact your Hi-Fi stereo system can deliver.

Unlike standard Bluetooth receivers, the Harald Bluetooth receiver provides ultimate wireless freedom with the longest wireless range.

Key Features

- Add Bluetooth connectivity to your hi-fi system or powered speakers
- High-end Qualcomm® apt X ™ HD, apt X™LL, aptX ™ and AAC audio streaming codecs
- Audiophile-grade PCM 5102A DAC supports 384kHz/32bit digital audio
- Line-level analogue RCA & digital optical outputs
- 30m range for ultimate wireless freedom
- Harald remembers up to 8 Bluetooth-enabled devices
- Automatically connects to the last paired device
- Aluminium chassis minimises any resonant frequencies
- Compact unit fits behind or on top of AV equipment
- Available in black & white/silver finishes

King Harald Unites Your Hi-Fi System

The Harald Bluetooth receiver streams the highest quality Bluetooth audio wirelessly from your phone or laptop to any music system or powered speakers. Equipped with both line-level analogue RCA & digital optical outputs, Harald is as flexible as a rubber band on a hot summer's day. The audiophile-grade PCM 5102A DAC built-in ensures that your streamed media is being delivered in the highest quality possible. Alternatively, bypass the high-quality DAC and connect via the digital output.

Built to last and smaller than a deck of cards, the compact Harald Bluetooth receiver is cocooned in an aluminium chassis to minimise any resonant frequencies. The Harald Bluetooth receiver can connect to one smart device at a time, but is capable of remembering up to 8 devices. Automatically connects to the last paired device.

Setup Instructions

Setup and pairing with Harald is really easy. The following instructions will help you connect the Bluetooth receiver to your music system and pair it with your tablet, computer or smartphone.

Step 1: Connect audio cables from the Harald Bluetooth receiver rear panel to your music system audio input.

Step 2: Connect a power adapter to the Harald Bluetooth receiver with the included power supply cable and plug the power adapter into an AC outlet.

Step 3: The Harald Bluetooth receiver will automatically ’Power ON’ and go into discoverable/pairing mode. The LED light will start flashing to indicate the unit is now ready to be paired.

Step 4: Turn ON Bluetooth on your device and go to Bluetooth preferences.

Step 5: Scan listed Bluetooth devices and select “Encel Harald” to pair and connect. The LED indicator should turn solid.

Step 6: Make sure your hi-fi audio system is turned on and the proper input source is selected.

Step 7: The music on your smart device will now play through your hi-fi audio system.


Encel - Friendly audio products for music-loving Australians.

Encel is a Melbourne-based brand that has been represented in the Australian market since 1958 when founder, Alex Encel, first introduced the concept of the hi-fi stereo system to the Australian market.

The prototype product that Encel produced was a sound system - built to impress his opera singer girlfriend. What came next shocked the young uni student, when interest in his hobby turned into a flourishing business.

Encel continues as a family business, with the same purpose of helping people listen to their music in delightful quality.

Their products are still designed in Melbourne, with exceptional sound and fun aesthetics at their core.

More Information
Model Number Harald
RRP 119.00

Bluetooth version
Bluetooth v5.0

Supported codecs
Qualcomm® aptX™ HD, aptX™ LL, aptX™, AAC and SBC

Bluetooth range
30 metres, 100 feet


Stereo analogue RCA
Digital optical (SPDIF)

Input power
5V, 200 mA

Output voltage
2.1 volts RMS

Output impedance
57 Ohms

D/A converter
PCM 5102A

Frequency response
10Hz - 20kHz (+/- 0.5dB)

Signal to noise ratio

Total harmonic distortion

PCM support
384kHz / 32bit


What's in the Box?
- Harald Bluetooth receiver
- RCA to RCA stereo audio cable (1-metre length)
- USB Micro to USB A cable (1-metre length)
- Self-adhesive bumper feet x 4
- Australian power adapter

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