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Headphone Accessories

Browse a variety of headphone accessories designed to provide a hifi personal audio experience. Portable DACs can be transported anywhere and plugged in via a USB connection, offering a high quality DAC preamplifier that will preserve your music quality. An external DAC is much more effective in converting digital to analogue signals than the internal DAC in your mobile device. They can be plugged straight into your headphones, making them perfect for enhancing the sound experience straight from your computer. Portable headphone amplifiers are also available, which can be plugged in to your phone or personal device, as well as your headphones, allowing you to listen to hifi audio on the go. The Cayin N6 portable music player features a USB DAC as well as storage for audio files, which you can upload directly from your computer. It also is capable of DSD playback, which is a hi-res audio file that preserves sound quality more effectively than other formats, such as WAV or MP3. This audio player can bring you hifi sound anywhere, any time. Simple headphone stands are also available for proper storage and organisation. 

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