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Speaker Cable By The Roll

Speaker cable is a necessity for any home audio system. Unfortunately, most speakers do not have speaker wire included, so you may need to purchase the right type of wire for your system. There are different types for in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, as well as underground wiring for outdoor speakers. The AWG represents the thickness of the speaker cable; lower gauges mean thicker cable. 12 or 14 gauge is recommended for long  sections of wire or high power applications. 16 gauge or higher is more cost-effective for short and simple connections. This speaker cable is sold by the roll, and is recommended for large scale projects and applications. Lengths range from 50 metres up to 200 metres. We also offer high quality subwoofer cables with connectors included. Top brands like Avico and Ugly Cable provide the most durable cable materials for a strong, reliable connection that preserves the quality of your sound system. 

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