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Vincent KHV-1 Headphone Amp / Pre Amp KHV1b

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This hybrid preamplifier/headphone amplifier from Vincent offers a warm tube sound and superior performance, to drive even the most demanding headphones.

"The Vincent [KHV-1] is a versatile, powerful, dynamic and detailed headphone amplifier, capable of driving a wide range of drivers."

Read the full Vincent KHV-1 review.

If you own a pair of high-end headphones, do them and yourself justice by running them off this powerful tube headphone amp.

When used as a headphone amplifier, the KHV-1 produces that warm, soft, and oh-so-precise sound that music lovers esteem, thanks to the two 12AX7 vacuum tubes in its signal chain.

- Plenty of headroom, even when powering the most demanding headphones
- 2x Stereo RCA Inputs
- Warm tube amplification sound
- Also functions as a stereo pre-amplifier
- Switchable lamp
- Vertical design & small physical footprint

User Manual (PDF, 2MB)

Vacuum Tube Amplification

Combining functionality with aesthetics, this upright-standing headphone amplifier sounds as good as it looks. In the signal path two 12AX7 vacuum tubes are used, which play a decisive role in the sound that it outputs. Tube amplification results in a characteristically "warm" sound that many audio enthusiasts lust over.

Thanks to the combination of tube and solid-state amplification, the KHV-1 has plenty of volume to offer. Crank up the volume knob on the front of the unit to a level you're comfortable with, and you'll see that it still has plenty of power yet to give. Get the most out of even the most demanding, power-thirsty headphones.

Consistent with the restof the tubeLine range, the KHV-1 features a round window on the front panel where you can see one of the 12AX7 valves in action. Switch the lamp on to make the tube glow with a warm light, giving your system an elegant appearance that is sure to impress before you even play anything through it!


With a stereo Pre-Out Output, it is possible to also use this headphone amp as a preamplifier. Pair it up with a high-quality stereo power amplifier for a convenient and streamlined system. In this case, it is an ideal complement to a pair of the SP-997 mono power amplifiers. This produces a compact, space-saving stereo system for harmonious, open sounds.

Include the KHV-1 into your Hi-Fi system between your source device and power amplifier, and hear the difference this vacuum tube amp delivers.

Simple where it matters

On the front panel, the KHV-1 is minimalistic in design. In line with the rest of the Vincent range, the exterior of this unit is aesthetically sleek. An input switch selects between two Stereo RCA inputs. A 1/4" jack on the front for your headphones, and of course the power switch and an easy volume knob. The entire design of the KHV-1 is simplistic and easy to use because hi-fi should be all about the listening experience.

It's what's on the inside that makes the KHV-1 the high-end headphone amp it is. The internal power supply enables a pure, noise-free sound, free from interference. This is what makes the high amount of gain possible. Drive even the most demanding studio headphones without trouble, and without introducing distracting noise.

The Perfect Match

The KHV-1 is the perfect addition to your Hi-Fi setup.

Pair up the KHV-1 with a quality amplifier, and a media player of your choice to reap the benefits of tube headphone amplification.

Shown here is the KHV-1 being used with other products in the tubeLine range, although this headphone amp plays well with many other systems!


What's in the Box?
- 1x KHV-1 Unit
- 1x Power Cable
- 1x Stereo RCA Cable
- 1x Instruction Manual


About Vincent
Vincent is a German brand and manufacturer of Class-A Hi-Fi equipment. SInce 1995, Vincent has stood for continual development to 2-channel stereo in the high-end class.

More Information
Model Number KHV-1
RRP 1,099.00

Frequency response: 20 Hz – 50 kHz +/- 0.5 dB
Nominal output power: 400 mWatt (300 Ohm), 1.75 Watt (32 Ohm)
Nominal output voltage Pre Out: 2V (max. 4 V)
Harmonic distortion: < 0.1 % (1 kHz, 100 mWatt),
Input sensitivity: 600 mV
Signal-noise ratio: > 90 dB,
Input impedance: 47 kOhm
Tubes: 2 x 12AX7

2 x stereo RCA
1 x headphone Jack 6.35 mm
1 x stereo RCA Pre-Out

Colour: Black/Silver,
Weight: 3.8 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD): 160 x 265 x 210 mm

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