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Vincent DAC-7 Digital-to-Analog Converter

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A Digital/Analogue-converter for the highest demands.

Vincent has developed a new digital-to-analogue converter that earns its place in the tubeLine series. The DAC-7 is the result of Vincent's extensive research and development on how to process your digital signals in the best possible way.

Key Features
- 6 Inputs selectable by the switch on the front of the unit
- Balanced outputs
- Headphone output with volume control
- Warm tube processing characteristics
- Tube/FET (Transistor) switch
- Dimmable lamp

User Manual (PDF, 2MB)


The DAC-7 is Vincent's Digital/Analogue-converter to meet the audio enthusiast's highest demands. The six inputs all support DSD files and operate at a sample rate up to 32bit. The analogue circuitry is fully balanced and features Vincent's iconic tube output stage.

Traditionally, the digital to analogue conversion process would be handled by your source device or pre-amp. Assigning this critical role to a dedicated unit drastically improves the quality of the conversion and provides a clearer and more spacious analogue representation of your music.

Introduce the DAC-7 to your hi-fi system to enrich your digital sources with warm valve-driven DA conversion

The Tube Gap

The characteristics of valve-driven equipment have been known for a long time. Their sound has supporters in the world of hi-fi devices and stage amplifiers. Despite their popularity and the unique sound that comes with them, transistors are much more robust and durable as amplifier components. Even in audio source devices, there are amplifier circuits and with these too, the sound can be greatly improved by sophisticated amplifier circuitry. Today this approach is taken by only a few select manufacturers. Vincent is proudly one of these manufacturers.

This D/A Converter is equipped with a tube output stage in the analog section. Two 12AU7 tubes work directly in the signal path, which makes the sound more natural and thus noticeably improves it. Optionally, the tube output stage can be switched to a FET (transistor) output stage by pressing a button on the front panel.

Vacuum tubes in hi-fi amplifiers are highly revered, and a sign of high manufacturing quality. Vincent takes their visual aesthetic just as seriously as the performance of their products. Because of this, Vincent has included a tube-viewing port on the front panel of their tubeLine products. With a switch on the back, you can switch the backlight on or off.

Diverse connections

Two optical and two coaxial connectors, as well as a USB and an AES input are available for connecting a diverse range of digital sources. The signals are decoded by an AKM AK4490 module built into the unit. The USB port supports DSD256 (32bit/384kHz), the other ports, DSD64/PCM (24bit/192khz).

State-of-the-art components

The CPU outputs the balanced signal, which is processed in this way in the analog section. An independent filter and buffer circuit is used in each signal path. Ensuring the best possible sound, only components from selected manufacturers are used (e.g. WIMA and Nichicon).

In the power supply, Vincent uses a toroidal transformer with double winding. One winding supplies the analog section and another the digital section. This ensures a clean supply of both areas, eliminates any interference, and improves dynamics. For the voltage stabilization, a 6Z4 rectifier tube is used.

A high-quality aluminum remote control completes the package and allows you to switch inputs from your listening position.

Power Control

With all your Vincent appliances working together in harmony, controlling them all is painless with the “Power Control” connections on the rear. These allow the DAC to respond to turn-on/off signals from other devices in the signal chain.

What's in the Box?
- 1x DAC-7 Unit
- 1x Stereo RCA Cable
- 1x USB Cable
- 1x Power Cable
- 1x Power Control Cable
- 1x VDA-7 Remote Control
- 2x AAA Batteries
- User Manual

About Vincent
Vincent is a German brand and manufacturer of Class-A Hi-Fi equipment. SInce 1995, Vincent has stood for continual development to 2-channel stereo in the high-end class.

A unique music experience has been created thanks to our BestPentode circuit technology, in combination with the refined Vimala power supply coupling. Take a look, it is worth it ...

More Information
Model Number DAC-7
RRP 2,499.00

Sampling Rate Coax, Optical, AES: 24 bit / 192 kHz (DSD:64)
Sampling Rate USB: 32 bit / 384 kHz (DSD:256)

Frequency Response:
20 Hz – 20 kHz (+/-0,5 dB),
20 Hz – 50 kHz (+/-2 dB)

T.H.D.: <0.0004 %
Signal-To-Noise Ratio: >95 dB
Dynamic Range: >100 dB

Audio Output Voltage: 2.5 V
Channel Separation: > 90 dB

Max. Power Consumption: 35 W

Inputs: 2 x Coax, 2 x Optical, 1 x USB, 1 x AES
Outputs: 2 x Stereo XLR, 2 x Stereo RCA

Playable Formats: MP3, WMA, AAC, AAC+, ALAC, FLAC, APE, WAC, DSD, MQA

Tubes: 1 x 6Z4, 2 x 12AU7

Colour: Silver / Black
Weight: 6.5 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 430 x 95 x 360 mm

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