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15m Ugly Premium Active HDMI Cable High Speed with Ethernet 3D 1080p HEC UHD115EA

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Active HDMI Cable by Ugly Cable
- High Speed with Ethernet
- Compatible with 3D devices
- Capable of 1080p and 4k x 2k resolution
- Audio Return Channel (ARC)
- HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC)
- Ideal for PlayStation, Xbox, BluRay, 3D BluRay, 3D TV, HDTV, DVD, etc

Fully Certified and suitable for almost any use!
This HDMI cable is an active "High Speed with Ethernet" HDMI cable and is produced by a certified HDMI manufacturer to meet or exceed all relevant specifications as laid out by HDMI Licensing LLC. It's suitable for use with almost any HDMI compatible devices, including PlayStation, Xbox, BluRay, 3D BluRay, Plasma/LCD/LED television, 3D TV, DVD, HD-DVD, HDTV, HD set-top boxes, AV receivers/amplifiers and more!


Active HDMI
Regular (passive) HDMI cables often suffer signal loss over longer distances (ie: more than 10 metres). Active HDMI cables like this one boost the signal, which helps to push the signal further, allowing for longer HDMI cables. This cable cleverly uses built-in electronics within the cable, so you don't need an external power supply.


PLEASE NOTE: This cable is designed to be used with the black rectangular "monitor" plug at the display end (eg: TV or receiver input) and the orange plug at the source end (eg: BluRay player or receiver output).

 HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC)
This HDMI cable includes Ethernet capability via the "HDMI Ethernet Channel" (HEC), which allows internet connection sharing, home entertainment networking and content distribution between compatible devices (video game consoles, TVs, BluRay players, etc), without the need for Ethernet cables.

Audio Return Channel (ARC) These HDMI cables are capable of transmitting digital audio via the "Return Audio Channel" (ARC), when used with compatible devices. For example, if you have a compatible TV and amplifier/receiver, digital audio from the in-built tuner in your TV can travel "upstream" along the HDMI cable, so you don't need an additional audio cable between your TV and amp.


Tips for running an HDMI cable through the wall/ceiling:
- Test the cable first! It's rare for these to fail, but it can happen. Test the cable by hooking up your equipment before you run the cable through the wall/ceiling cavity.
- Don't run the cable beside a power cable. It can cause interference which affects the HDMI signal.

About HDMI
High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) is the future for HDTV, as it enables a single cable to transmit both high-definition video and multi-channel, digital audio. HDMI also enables an all-digital connection between digital devices (such as BluRay players, Game Consoles, DVD players, TVs, HD set top boxes, etc). HDMI is a new digital interface that was specifically created for use on consumer AV products. It enables intelligent, two-way communication between digital source and digital display devices. Furthermore, it will automatically find and set component compatibility and play music and movies in your system's optimum available formats.

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