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Tributaries UHDX X-TEND Active HDMI Cable 4K 60Hz 18Gbps

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The Tributaries UHDX 18G X-TEND Ultra High Definition HDMI cable was engineered to support 18Gbps in longer distance runs. The X-TEND is powered by the new 18G Go! Active Technology which measures the signal and applies equalization values specifically for each cable’s unique attenuation value. UHDX X-TEND cables are directional in nature due to the electronics built into the display end connector. Tributaries guarantees UHDX will provide 18Gbps 4K/60/Deep Color/HDR UHD HDMI signal transmission.

• Certified to support Ethernet, 3D, 4K and ARC

• Certified to support UHD HDMI 4K/60 HDR signals

• Guaranteed to pass data rates of 18Gbps

• Earned DPL Labs & ISF 18Gbps cable certification

Tributaries UHDX X-TEND Active HDMI Cable

The Tributaries UHDX 18G X-TEND Ultra High Definition HDMI cables were expertly engineered to support 18Gbps for long-distance runs. The UHDX is powered by Tributaries' innovative 18G Go! Active Technology.

Key Features:
- Designed, packaged and tested in Orlando Florida, USA
- Powered by 18G Go! Active Technology
- Certified to support Ethernet, 3D, 4K and ARC
- Certified to support UHD HDMI 4K/60 HDR signals
- Guaranteed to pass data rates of 18Gbps
- Earned DPL Labs 18Gbps Approval
- Earned ISF 18Gbps UHD HDMI cable certification
- Active electronics do not require external power supplies
- Power Grip connectors are tight fitting without the death grip of locking connectors
- Flexible UL CL2/FT4 rated jacket appropriate for in-wall use

18G Go! Active Technology

18G Go! Active Technology compensates for signal attenuation inherent in copper wires. Each data line is received as an attenuated differential pair. Signal conditioning is performed on the positive and negative inputs and the result is equalized using a built-in test feature in the active electronics. In production, each cable is tested and equalization values applied specifically for that cable's unique attenuation value resulting in consistently reliable 18Gbps UHD HDMI signal transmission. These cables are directional in nature due to active electronics built into the display-end connector. The X-Tend uses a patented power-harvesting technology that only draws 5mA off the HDMI 5V line which allows the Go! Active Technology to be supported without external power supplies and will not draw down the line voltage to ensure signal integrity. That's why Tributaries guarantees UHDX will provide 18Gbps 4K/60/Deep Color/HDR UHD HDMI signal transmission

UHD HDMI Cable Design

Tributaries offers the most advanced line of UHD HDMI cables available today. These cables have been custom designed to provide optimal operational 18Gbps performance. Every conductor in each cable length was electronically analysed for its data rate capability with the result balanced against its gauge and flexibility. To guarantee optimal performance, VEGA, TITAN, X-TEND, PRO and SLIM models have undergone rigorous testing by DPL Labs and have earned the coveted 18Gbps Seal of Approval. DPL labs test every conductor to ensure 4K compatibility with bandwidth certified to 18Gbps enabling HDR. All UHD cables are 18Gbps certified by ISF for Interoperability.

DPL Labs Seal of Approval

Tributaries VEGA, TITAN, X-TEND, PRO and SLIM models have received DPL Labs 4K Cable Certification. The certification has 2 levels: 10.2Gbps and the coveted 18Gbps level. Tributaries is proud to be one of the first cable companies to receive this prestigious 18Gbps certification.

Testing HDMI Cables

At Tributaries, testing cables is taken very seriously. We are the only cable company in the industry that tests every HDMI cable after it arrives from the factory using the Murideo Fresco Six-G HDMI and HDCP 2.2 generator. This portable hand held UHD generator will produce an 18Gbps signal of 2160p/60Hz with 8-bit colour and 4:4:4 colour sampling. In addition, the Fresco Six-G also tests the recessed pin #19: Hot Plug Detect. We confirm HDCP 2.2 compliance of every cable. Tributaries: Totally Tested, Tried and Trusted!

Focus on DDC

When a source and sink are connected the Display Data Channel (DDC) line communicates the EDID information and a HDCP handshake takes place. This handshake is required at start-up and is repeated continuously; if there is an error, the system will stop operation. All Tributaries UHD HDMI cables are designed with low capacitance on the DDC line to ensure error-free performance.

For the Love of Movies - About Tributaries

Tributaries, a family-owned American company, is a leading provider of high-performance and high quality Digital & Analog Audio Interconnects, Speaker Cables, AC Power Products and HDMI Cables.

In the spirit of the true cinephile, Gordon J Gow Technologies, Inc. developed Tributaries UHD HDMI cables, the most advanced line of Ultra High Definition HDMI cables available today. Designed by film lovers for film lovers Tributaries UHD HDMI cables were developed using meticulous electronic and mechanical engineering designed to exceed HDMI specifications by a minimum of 20% providing headroom to overcome possible system inadequacies.

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