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What is Sonos?
Sonos is a wireless sound system for your entire home, allowing you to play music in as many rooms as you want. Play different songs in different rooms, or the same thing synchronised across multiple rooms. Compatible with over 30 streaming services (including Spotify and Apple Music) as well as with your own locally-stored music library and pretty much anything else you can throw at it. Control it all via the easy-to-use app on your phone or tablet.

For Music
For a smaller room (or smaller budget), try the PLAY:1 speaker. For a fuller sound, try the PLAY:3 stereo speaker. For the biggest, boldest sound (perfect for large areas) try the PLAY:5.

For TV & Movies
If you're looking to improve the sound situation in the room where you watch TV and movies, check out the PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE. Want more bass? Check out the SUB.

Improve Your Existing Gear
Want to add SONOS wireless streaming capability to your existing stereo system or home theatre? No problem. The CONNECT can do that. Want to just use your existing speakers? You need the CONNECT:AMP.


What Hi-Fi? - Best premium multi-room system (2019)

"No multi-room offering is as complete or as pleasurable to live with as Sonos

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