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REL HT-Air Wireless Transmitter

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The HT-Air™ Wireless is REL's latest method of distributing wireless signal to your compatible REL subwoofer. It delivers performance similar to the brand's more expensive wireless systems quickly, reliably and without the thin, dried out sound most wireless systems deliver. 


HT-Air WIreless

There is wireless and there is REL wireless. Following in the footsteps of the Arrow™ and Longbow™ Wireless, HT-Air delivers much of the promise and connectivity of hardwired RELs with the placement flexibility and wow factor of great sounding wireless.

Designed for Serie HT, the HT-Air is compatible with all REL subwoofers including legacy models (Low Level or LFE only).

Key Features:
- Designed for the Serie HT subwoofers (HT1003, HT1205)
- Allows for freedom of subwoofer placement
- Zero compression and maximum dynamics
- Big, rich sounding bass, free of compromise
- Incredibly low latency for responsive, lag-free bass
- Uses the 5.8GHz frequency band for reliability and performance
- Easy setup and connection

REL Wireless For Dedicated Home Theatres

REL has stripped back the High-Level feature from the Arrow™ wireless to provide a wireless system dedicated for Home Theater buffs. Though HT-Air™ is affordable, it retains their single-minded focus on delivering zero compression and maximum dynamics. Big, rich sounding bass, not the thin, dry sound most wireless systems supply.

Zero compression means that, unlike common Bluetooth-based wireless subs, REL transmits in real time, with no digital compression that can add significant amounts of delay to the signal. Delay that, when trying to mate up to conventionally wired speakers means many subwoofer’s wireless offerings are hopelessly behind the loudspeakers.

HT-Air provides the necessary freedom to place your HT exactly where you need it for best performance. It also allows for easy placement of rear or side surround channels to be augmented without having to incur the expense of custom wiring being added into your bid. Freedom is being able to place your Serie HT where it will look its best in your theater. For many, out of sight is an ideal result.

Fast, Simple Pairing: With all the experience REL has in delivering easy-to-use zero compression subwoofers, they have perfected simple, fast pairing of their wireless devices. HT-Air takes less than 10 seconds to get working, just plug both sender and receiver in and push the rear panel pairing switches and you’re done. Simple as that.


HT-Air is designed to leave old-fashioned Bluetooth-based systems in the dust, delivery latency in the 16-20 millisecond range. This permits owners to place their HT/1205 and HT/1003 where it works best, without resorting to unsightly cables being strewn across the landscape of your living room, all while retaining their category-leading super-fast wireless.

Connecting Made Simple

LFE or Low Level? Getting premium home theater sound doesn’t need to be complicated. We designed the HT-Air™ to be easy to set up in 3 simple steps.

1. Using the included power supplies, connect the HT-Air™ Transmitter and Receiver.
2. Next connect a single-ended RCA from your receiver’s the subwoofer output to the HT-Air™ Transmitter, then connect HT-Air Receiver to the LFE input on HT/1205 or HT/1003.
3. Pair them together and you’re done. It's that simple.

For the Serie HT

HT-Air™ is designed and built to provide Serie HT subwoofers with a high quality, zero compression wireless solution, so your HT can be placed where it works best without the cost of long cables and visual clutter.

Serie HT is designed specifically to answer the challenge of creating affordably priced, exceptionally dynamic, pure home theater powered subwoofers

Positioning Your REL Subwoofer

The correct placement of your REL can drastically enhance its performance and transform your listening experience. So, REL Acoustics created a guide to help you get the most out of your subwoofer and showcase how multiple subwoofers can be used to provide breathtaking 2-channel scores and truly theater-quality 3D sound.

Use the REL Room Setup tool here

REL Acoustics

"We make subwoofers. That’s it. Nothing else. No distractions. Nothing to steal our focus. No kidding ourselves that we can be good at everything. No trying to conquer the whole world. We just do our best to conquer our bit of it."

More Information
Model Number HTAIR
RRP 299.00

Input Connectors: Stereo RCA (LFE input uses left channel input only)
Input Impedance: 10k ohms

Wireless Output Power: 0 dBm
Wireless Effective Distance: 30 ft (10 meters) with clear line of site

Mains Input Voltage: 5V DC, 5.5mm circular connector, positive center
Power Consumption: 600 mWatts

Dimensions (WxHxD): 86 x 32 x 83 mm
Finish: Black

Supplied Accessories
- Power Adapter
- LFE Cable: 2 cables @ 1 meter in length

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3 Years
All REL sub-bass systems carry a three-year warranty covering full parts & labour.

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