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Rega Strobe Kit

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With this high-quality strobe kit from Rega, you can evaluate the speed of your turntable and determine if it is running too slow or too fast.

Rega Strobe Kit

This accessory is designed to evaluate the speed of any turntable. The hand-held strobe unit generates a 100Hz pulsed light source for use with the supplied 180-line stroboscopic disc.

Designed as the perfect partner for the speed adjustable Rega Neo PSU. Simply place the supplied stroboscopic disc directly on the turntable mat. With the player running at 33⅓, 45 or 78 RPM, hold the strobe LED directly above the lines to evaluate the speed of the turntable.

At a glance:

• Evaluates the speed of any turntable
• Evaluates 33⅓, 45, and 78 RPM speeds
• 9V battery pre-installed in strobe emitter

User Manual (PDF, 106KB)

How to use the Rega Strobe

  1. With your turntable rotating and the speed set at 33⅓ RPM, place the stroboscopic disc over the record spindle directly onto your turntable mat.
  2. Hold the strobe approximately 2-3 centimetres from the lines on the disc.

• If the lines freeze and remain stable, this indicates the turntable is running at the correct speed.
• If the lines on the disc are moving slowly clockwise, this indicates the turntable is running fast.
• If the lines on the disc are moving slowly anticlockwise, this indicates the turntable is running slow.

• TIP: To ensure an accurate reading it is recommended to hold a reference point such as a pencil tip near the lines during rotation to easily identify if the lines are stable or rotating.
• If either your turntable or power supply is adjustable, you can correct the speed of the turntable until the lines are stable.

Advice for non-adjustable Rega turntables

If your turntable is not adjustable, first try a new drive belt. Drive belts can stretch over time causing minor speed variations. Notable speed variations are more likely to be mechanical issues. Check the bearing oil in the central hub. If your Rega turntable uses a steel ball bearing, make sure this is present inside the brass bearing housing (not used on RP8 or RP10).

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