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With the new io, Rega has produced a great-sounding all-analogue entry-level integrated amplifier, designed around a high-quality phono stage.

Announced in early 2020, the Rega io has already received a number of glowing reviews and awards from respected Hi-Fi publications all over the world.

Rega io Integrated Stereo Amplifier / Phono Amp

The all-new io amplifier is designed with every music lover in mind. Simple to set up and operate, the io is designed to integrate seamlessly into any hi-fi system.

The compact size allows it to be used in a variety of systems and delivers performance well beyond its price point. As you would expect, there is a high-quality built-in MM (moving magnet) phono stage, two line-level inputs, a redesigned mini remote control handset and a high-quality headphone output that is cleverly integrated to deliver optimum performance without compromising the audio circuit.

All of these features combine to deliver a powerful, well balanced musical performance at an incredible price.

Key Features:
- Stereo integrated amp with MM (Moving Magnet) phono stage
- Simple to set up and operate
- Delivers 30W RMS per channel
- 1x Phono + 2x Line inputs
- High-quality headphone output
- Includes a newly redesigned mini remote control
- A nod to its big brother, the multi-award-winning Rega Brio
- Named BEST STEREO AMPLIFIER UNDER £400 in the 2020 What Hi-Fi Awards

User Manual (PDF)

A part of the Rega family

The io is as simple and straightforward an amp as Rega can build, however, it doesn’t cut corners when it comes to the parts that count. The io uses the same power amplifier and phono stage as its larger brother, the multi-award-winning Brio. The io aims to deliver exceptional sound quality in a smaller and more cost-effective package. The class A/B circuit shares its DNA with the rest of Rega’s amplifiers, and as usual, great care has been taken in component selection. Sanken output transistors and an Alps volume potentiometer and a linear power supply that enables an output of 30 watts per channel into 8 ohms.

All Analogue

With its all-analogue audio inputs, the io is a great partner for a turntable. On the back of the unit, you'll find two line-level inputs and a high quality moving magnet phono input. Whether you're pairing this amp with a high-end turntable, or something entry-level, the io is wonderfully 

There is a headphone output provided on the front of the unit for powering standard hi-fi headphones; this is driven from the power amplifier stage of the unit through relays to avoid signal degradation when headphones are inserted. A new remote handset is included, which gives you all the ease of use you'd expect from a stereo amp.

Signature Rega sound in a highly accessible package

"What will most win fans over to the Rega io, though, is its class-leading performance. Those who are happy with a simple, no-fuss, purely analogue amplifier and who prioritise entertainment should arguably consider the io their number one choice."
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Good things really do come in small packages

"This is part of a wider program from Rega to continue to provide a ‘first rung’ in the ladder that gets people into Hi-Fi."

"Everything that makes Rega one of the most compelling manufacturers of Hi-Fi in recent years is here in miniature. By making careful reductions to power, connections and casework, Rega has kept everything that makes their amps what they are. The io is genuinely brilliant; an amplifier that does a little less to give you more than pretty much any rival and, for these reasons, it’s an indisputable Best Buy."
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Another worthy addition to the budget amp hall of fame

"From the first bars of music, it is clear that the io is something rather special. With any budget amplifier, there is always a sense of trepidation when waiting to see what the first notes will bring. While many are fun to listen to, they can be a little over-exuberant at times. This never falls into this trap and, as a result, has the character of something you would expect to be rather more expensive."

"The smoothness and lack of sibilance, even in lesser recordings, is the real prize here, io has the feel of something much more expensive than its price tag suggests."
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Simple and straightforward

“The Rega Io is a great little amplifier, it packs a punch that you don’t get from the far more highly featured competition that exists on the market and delivers music that you just want to keep playing.”
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A Future Classic

“The io is built with the same level of care that Rega's top components are. Watch for the audio forums of 2050 to speak of this amplifier in hushed reverence."
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An absolutely outstanding amplifier

“Rega has achieved such a terrific performer that there really is not anything to dislike at this price. It might form an entry into the hi-fi world, but the Io would support your upgrade path for years to come with this performance."
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Model Number Rega-io BK
RRP 949.00

Power outputs at 230/115 V supply voltage
30 W RMS both channels driven into the rated load of 8 Ω

Input 1 (Phono) input sensitivity: 2.1 mV @ 47 kΩ in parallel with 220 pF
Maximum input 1 (Phono) input level: 100 mV
Input 2-3 (Line) input sensitivity: 210 mV @ 47 kΩ
Maximum input 2-3 (Line) input level: 10.25 V

Headphone output
No load: 8 V
32 Ω: 1.6 V
54 Ω: 2.4 V
300 Ω: 5.7 V
Source impedance: 109 Ω

Power consumption
135 W @ 230 V / 220 V / 115 V / 100 V into the rated load of 8 Ω

Frequency response
Phono: 15 Hz to 40 kHz (-3 dB points) / 27 Hz to 20.5 kHz (-1 dB points)
RIAA accuracy: (100Hz to 10 kHz) ±0.4 dB typically better than ±0.3 dB
Line: 12 Hz (-1 dB points) to 43 kHz (-3 dB points)

Remote control
Batteries included –2 x AAA Alkaline.

Fuse ratings
T1.6 AL 250 V: 230 V / 50Hz and 220 V / 60 Hz
T3.15 AL 250 V: 115 V / 60 Hz and 100 V / 50/60 Hz


Dimensions (W x D x H)
180 x 290 x 68 mm

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