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Selby ART 30x30cm Dunlop Foam Acoustic Sound Treatment Panel Charcoal ART300ch

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An effective and affordable way of improving the acoustics of just about any listening environment. Dunlop foam panels will do the trick!

Easily the Best Value!
Many of our competitors offer similar products at up to several hundred dollars per square metre, while even the 'budget' foam offered by our competitors is more expensive than our high quality Selby ART acoustic foam panels, which are far from a 'budget' model: Selby ART acoustic foam panels are made in Australia from premium Dunlop Foam ®. 

Selby Acoustic Room Treatment (ART) Panels
These Selby Acoustic Room Treatment (ART) panels are an effective and affordable way of improving the acoustics of just about any listening environment, such as those used for home theatre and musical performance. Selby ART panels are also useful in lowering overall noise levels in a wide variety of commercial applications. By helping to remove sound reflections and excess echo in your room, Selby ART panels should be the first step in your room's acoustic treatment. Even a small number of Selby ART panels can make a significant positive impact on your listening environment; you don't need to cover the whole wall. 

Additional Information:
Selby ART panels can be used for both front and rear room treatment. Great for use on walls and ceilings and wherever else problem areas occur. The corrugated, wave-like pattern is good for a general reduction of reflections, reverb and flutter echo in the mid to high-frequency region. Most listening rooms can be dramatically improved by using just a small amount of Selby ART panels. In noisy commercial and industrial environments they can aid quite a lot by combating hard-to-control echo.

- Improve the acoustics of your room simply and affordably
- Helps reduce standing waves, room echo, excess reflections and reverberation
- Designed for mid-/high-frequency range
- Modular tile system
- Simple installation
- High-density acoustic foam cell structure
- UV filter helps minimize color fading
- Made from premium Dunlop Foam ®
- Made with "Ultra-Fresh" ® anti-fungal & anti-bacterial agent
- Australian Made

Please note that acoustic foam is designed for improving the acoustics within a room; it is not effective for removing outside noise or attenuating volume in a room.

Please note: this price is per 300mm x 300mm panel. 

More Information
Model Number ART300ch
RRP 7.95

- Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm x 50mm (each panel)
- Density: 21kg/m^3
- Colour: Charcoal 

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