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Avico HDMI Cable Extender Joiner Repeater Active Powered 1080p HDCP AVS263H

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Place this HDMI booster between 2 HDMI cables to extend the maximum range up to 24m!.

Avico HDMI Cable Extender
This HDMI cable extender allows you to join two HDMI cables together to a total length of up to 24 metres. Compatible with 1080p signals. Includes power adaptor.

Regenerate incoming HDMI signal by decoding and re-encoding it to a new standard HDMI signal, allowing the signal to be lengthened without experiencing signal drop-out.

Extends 1080p/UXGA signal an additional 12m (24 m max length)
Lower resolution signal can be sent over longer distance.

HDCP 1.1 compliant

Easy to install. Just plug and play!

More Information
Model Number AVS263H

Input: HDMI (version1.0) 
Output: HDMI (version1.0) 
Operation frequency: 165MHz
Output Resolution:

HD Range:
480i @ 60Hz 
480P @ 60Hz 
576i @ 50Hz 
576P @ 50Hz 
720P @ 50Hz 
720P @ 60Hz 
1080i @ 50Hz 
1080i @ 60Hz 
1080P @ 24Hz 
1080P @ 25Hz 
1080P @ 30Hz 
1080P @ 50Hz 
1080P @ 60Hz 

PC Range:
VGA @ 60-85Hz
SVGA @ 60-85Hz
XGA @ 60-85Hz
XGAi @ 87Hz
SXGA @ 60- 85Hz
UXGA @ 60Hz
1152 @70-85Hz

Cable distance support: Over 12m with twisted pair cable. Requires 5VDC/2amp 

Dimensions: 76 (W) x 30 (H) x 105 (D)
Power: 5V 2A Center-positive 

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