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AMC XOi 4-Zone 4-Source Stereo Multi Zone Amplifier

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$1,039 RRP $1,049

AMC XOi 4-Zone 4-Source Stereo Multi Zone Amplifier

Key Features
- System for total 4 zones
- System with 8 Sorecs 4 Local / 4 Remote mixed sources
- Only RJ45 & speaker wires used for installation form XOi main unit to all zones
- Two way AMC proprietary digital data communication system between XOi main unit and keypads in all zones
- Designed with cascade feature for keypad XK1
- Volume control & tone control for each zone
- Four 38KHz and four 56KHz IR outpurs on rear panel of XOi main unit
- Doorbell and telephone mute system (PDM1) - option
- With RS232 to digital link with other systems - option
- IR remote control receiver on each zone for controlling XOi main unit and remote soutces in the zones
- RCA, 3.5mm mini jack and RJ45 remote source input jacks in each zone
- Designed to work with the XK1 Keypad wall mounted zone controllers (available separately)
- Designed to work with the XS1 Keypad wall mounted remote source units (available separately)

User Manual (PDF, 2.03MB)

About AMC
Since 1970 AMC has forged a reputation for being a powerful and reliable electronics manufacturer in the Hi-Fi and Music Streaming Business. AMC is responsible for some of the worlds most famous brands and high end esoteric electronics. Their main focus is to build reliable and powerful amplifiers with a life expectancy of 25 years.

Toroidial Transformers and High Current Amplifiers with Metal Oxide Components are at the heart and core or every AMC component. If it's power on demand and clarity you desire or long for that movie soundtrack to blow you away then look no further for value and performance - AMC is really your only choice.    

More Information
Model Number XOi
RRP 1,049.00


Total Zones: 4 Zones
Zone 1~4 with Speaker Outputs: 15Wrms x 2
Sources: 4 Local / 4 Remote Mixed Sources
Sensitivity: 60mV
IR outputs frequencies: four 38KHz and four 56KHz
IR output level: 5V p-p
Phone input sensitivity: AC25V~AC100V 20Hz
Doorbell input sensitivity: AC/DC 3~12V

Dimensions (W x H x D): W 430.0mm x H 53.3mm x D 338.5mm
Net weight: 5 Kgs
Power consumption: 120W

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