Wireless Personal Monitoring System

Shure Wireless Personal Monitoring System

There are lots of options available for live performers when it comes to speaker monitors, and some are better than others. Poor systems would often accentuate naturally reflected sound leading to reverberation and feedback sometimes causing the singer to be out of time with the band. Limitations of using “wedge” monitor systems also include restriction of movement around the stage or venue. A great way of regaining freedom on stage is by going wireless.

Shure P2TRSE215 Wireless System
This package contains SE215 Sound Isolating earphones, a P2R receiver and a P2T transmitter. Using a Shure monitoring system allows you to hear the music via your earphones at the exact time it is played. There can be a short delay in music coming out of the wedge, which can cause performers to play out of time. Wedge monitors will sound fine when standing in one position, but if you move to the left or right, that sound is likely to change.


With in-ear personal monitoring, the sound will be constant and comes with you, wherever you go. Using wedge monitors long term can also be damaging to your ears. Using Shure sound isolating earphones cuts out the sound around you leaving you to focus on playing in time. Simply connect two line-level or mic–level inputs directly into the transmixer. Set the frequency on the transmixer using a single button, and the same again on the bodypack receiver. Connect your earphones to the P2R, set up your desired mix using the personal mix controls on the front of the transmixer and you are now all ready to go.

Key Features:
- Built-in audio limiter
- Front mounted antenna
- Two mic/line input channels for mix control
- Built in headphone limiter
- Volume control on bodypack receiver
- 1/2 Rack space

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