What is projector screen gain?

A screen with a gain of 1.0 will reflect the same amount of light as from a matte white board. A screen rated at 1.5 gain will reflect 50% more light as from a matte white board, a rating of 2 means the screens’ surface reflects twice as much (200%). A screen with 0.8 gain will reflect 80% of the light as from a matte white board. Many manufacturers or sellers promote the benefits of particular high screen gain or low screen gain, however it is easy to incorrectly presume that high is better that low. Although higher reflectivity does mean a brighter image, not all applications benefit from a brighter image. Those that suit a higher screen gain include conference rooms and classrooms where you want some lights on and the image needs to be bright and clear to the numerous seating positions in the room. High gain is not always preferred in Home Theatre environments. A 1.0 gain in

home cinema would be the most popular option amongst the majority. Gain also has an impact on the viewing positions in you room. A 1.0 gain screen diffuses light evenly in all directions, which allows for seating to be placed in a wide viewing angle to the screen. All seats will have an almost identical viewing experience wherever they are seated. With a high gain screen (typically anything 1.3+), the brightness of the image will be greatest for those seated in the centre, with reduced brightness to those seated toward the extremities of the room. Keep in mind that any screen with a gain higher than 1.0 will have some degree of “hotspotting”. That is, when viewing the screen from a centre position, the middle portion of the image will appear brighter than the edges. On screens under 1.3 gain or so this is not very noticeable, but as gain increases beyond 1.3 it can become a real distraction. So if you are on the lookout for the right projector screen for your home, business or classroom, don’t be confused by the technical jargon. Think about where you will be using your screen, and select the appropriate gain for your use. Selby stock a range of 1.0 projector screens suitable for all applications in fixed, manual and motorised models. View Projector Screens Online