What do Front Speakers do?

Surround Sound Series: What do Front Speakers do?

So last week we talked about the role of a Centre Speaker in your set up. Today we would like to give you the simple run-down on the role of Front Speakers. What their function is, and how important are they in achieving excellent sound. By understanding the role each speaker plays in surround sound, it will make it easier for you to get the best possible result. krix-phoenix-mk2-vinyl-1q-acoustics-floor-standing-speaker-gloss-black-2050igb-1_1

Front Left and Front Right Speakers

Front speakers typically work in pairs, left and right. Your choice of front speakers may be determined by the main purpose of your set up. If you are using them primarily for watching movies, the front left and right speakers reproduce most of the music and sound effects in a soundtrack. These speakers are important because they are required to reproduce a wide range of frequencies, from low bass in special effects and musical soundtracks as well as higher tones from instruments such as cymbals. The most important music and sound effects from a 5.1 soundtrack will come from this pair, which indicates that they should be given specific consideration when weighting priorities in your set up.

If your priority lies with listening to music through your set up, then these two speakers should increase in importance. Stereo playback relies heavily on the front left and right speakers, so quality is especially encouraged here. There are many different types of speakers available which can accommodate the front stage. You can choose floor standing, bookshelf or satellite, depending on the size and shape of your room and your budget. If you have any questions about getting the right speakers for your set up, call to speak to our helpful Selby Techs on 1800 69 2225 View Front Speakers Online