Using Multiple Subwoofers

Did you know that you can use more than one subwoofer to get even better sound? Getting an awesome bass sound can be one of the crucial elements in achieving a great listening experience. If your receiver has the option of .2, then you are able to extend your system into a 5.2 or 7.2 depending on the model. This opens up greater breadth of tones allowing for a more defined and smoother distribution of the bass. Where do you place two subwoofers? Getting the best results will be determined by the positioning of both the subs and the listener. Each room is different, and it is often a case of experimentation to find the ideal combination. By including a second subwoofer into the room, you are likely to find that the resonance sometimes experienced with a single sub, is greatly reduced. It isn’t always about increasing the bass level to where you feel overwhelmed by deep booming sounds, but more about improving the bass quality and distributing it more evenly throughout the room. A good place to begin your experiment would be using these examples:

  • 1. Place the subs in opposite corners of the room
  • 2. Place the subs in the centre of the front and rear walls
  • 3. Place the subs in the centre of the side walls

  Make sure that each time you move your speakers, you go back to the prime listening position (which is the spot everyone wants to sit) to see how it sounds. You will soon start to hear where they sound best in your set up. By including subwoofers as part of your entire speaker set up instead of an after-thought, you will certainly notice the difference. If you can include a second subwoofer, you will be impressed with the result. If you would like further information or have any questions about setting up your own “point two” surround sound system, feel free to contact our Selby Techs on 1800 69 2225. View Subwoofers Online