Ultimate Gift Guide for Audiophiles

Ultimate Gift Guide for Audiophiles

Gift shopping is not an easy task, especially when you want a personalised gift that the recipient will truly love and use. Nowadays, technology is usually the answer. Tech-related gifts are almost always used on a daily basis and are extremely versatile. If you’re shopping for someone who loves music or audio tech, check out this list of gift ideas:



Speakers are a great go-to gift for audio lovers of all ages. They make for an impressive and classy gift, but are available at a wide range of price points. Try any of these music playback devices for the next birthday or holiday season.


Portable Wireless Speakers


Bluetooth speakers are perfect for teens or any casual music listener. They are easy to set up and offer wireless music on the go. They can range from inexpensive to high-end while offering incredible audio quality.


Polk Assist

For an entry-level hi-fi wireless speaker, try Polk Assist. Use it as a portable speaker or connect it with other speakers for multi-room wireless sound. It has Chromecast and Google Assistant built-in for additional wireless controls.


Yamaha MusicCast 20

This is an extremely versatile wireless speaker that can connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can use it as a standalone portable wireless speaker, or connect it with other speakers for stereo or surround sound. It can even be used as a rear surround speaker with a compatible MusicCast soundbar or AV receiver.


Sonos Move

For a higher end wireless speaker, check out the Sonos Move. This hi-fi speaker is drop resistant and waterproof, and can connect via Bluetooth and Wi-fi. Control it with the Sonos app or your voice, pair it with other Sonos speakers, and bring it on the go with an ergonomic handle.


Hi-Fi Wireless Speakers


If you’re looking for something a little less portable and a little more high-end, some hi-fi speaker sets also offer wireless capabilities. These are suitable for someone who is starting to get into hi-fi audio or doesn’t have a speaker setup yet. Wireless systems are convenient and easy to hook up, yet they still offer beautiful audio quality.


Audioengine A5+

This pair of Audioengine bookshelf speakers offers premium hi-fi audio quality in hand-built cabinets. These speakers act as a complete music system, simply connect your mobile device and start listening. They also support external subwoofer output.


Yamaha MusicCast Component Micro System

The MusicCast wireless hi-fi system is a perfect intro-level speaker setup. Easily connect the speakers to the compatible Yamaha amplifier via Bluetooth or Wi-fi. You can also add other MusicCast speakers to expand the system at any time.


Speaker Stands


If you’re buying for someone who already has a sound system, speaker stands can be an excellent gift. Speaker placement is important and can have a significant impact on sound quality. When it comes to hi-fi audio, minimizing vibrations and audio wave interference will maximize speaker performance. If you know someone who still puts their speakers on the floor, a desk, or bookshelves, this gift will truly impress them.


Audioengine DS2 Desktop Speaker Stands

This pair of speaker stands is designed for tabletop speakers such as studio monitors, allowing them to rest on a desk or table while being isolated from vibration.


900 mm Pedestal Speaker Stands

These standalone speaker stands can be used with many different kinds of speakers. Most often they are used to support bookshelf speakers in a hi-fi system, but you can also use them for studio monitors or smaller surround sound speakers. They include decoupling spikes for further isolation and floor spikes or pads, making them compatible with both carpeting and hard flooring.


IsoAcoustics Aperta300 Speaker Isolation Stands

Isolation stands are designed for floorstanding speakers or subwoofers, or any other speaker that sits directly on the floor. They offer isolation from the resting surface without unwanted height. These can also be used for desktop speakers.




A soundbar is another great option to introduce someone to the world of hi-fi audio, or for movie-lovers who want better sound than their built-in TV speakers. Soundbars are designed to achieve hi-fi surround sound with a single speaker. There are actually three channels in a soundbar (left, right, and centre) to mimic the sound produced by a three-piece speaker system. They are often the least expensive way to achieve high fidelity audio at home.


Polk Signa Solo

The Signa Solo is a great inexpensive soundbar with Bluetooth wireless capabilities.


Sonos Beam Wireless Smart Soundbar

Available in white or black, the Sonos Beam is a beautiful high-end soundbar with wireless capabilities. It is also AirPlay compatible with iOS devices.


Yamaha YAS-209 2.1 Soundbar

This hi-fi soundbar and subwoofer set offers top-notch audio quality and all of the latest convenient features, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.




Headphones are a classic and versatile gift for those who love listening to music, playing music, gaming, or work remotely. There are many different styles and price ranges to suit different uses.




For a simple, budget-friendly gift, browse in-ear headphones, also known as earbuds.


Rocketfish Fire Wired Earbuds

For a simple and inexpensive gift, get some Rocketfish wired earbuds. These are essential for any teenager or school-aged kid.


Audio-Technica Wireless Earbuds

These are hi-fi earbuds that can connect to any mobile device via Bluetooth.


Onkyo High Fidelity Earbuds

Onkyo hi-fi earbuds offer professional audio quality with the convenience of concealable earbuds.


Apple AirPods Pro

Of course, the latest AirPods model is a surefire path to gift success.


On-Ear Headphones


On-ear headphones comfortably rest on top of the ear and are often preferred for their lightweight and sleek design. They are more suitable for casual, on-the-go listening rather than professional or multi-hour use, although some people simply prefer the on-ear design.


Samson RTE2 Bluetooth Wireless On-Ear Headphones

These Samson Bluetooth headphones offer over 10 hours of wireless listening per charge, delivering high quality sound in a lightweight, portable design.


Shure SRH750DJ Professional DJ On-Ear Headphones

These headphones are specifically designed for professional DJ and mixing applications. They offer high performance features like power handling and high impedance, as well as replaceable ear cup pads for product longevity.


NAD HP 70 Noise Cancelling On-Ear Wireless Headphones

These high-end wireless headphones feature active noise cancelling technology and all the benefits of portable Bluetooth headphones.


Over-Ear Headphones


For long-term use and studio or professional settings, over-ear headphones are typically preferred. They usually offer more comfort than an on-ear design, but they are bulkier and not as stylish.


Audio-Technica ATH-M20X Monitoring Studio Headphones

These AT headphones are designed for studio monitoring, or music production and mixing. They do not add any coloration or level alteration to the audio, producing a very flat, natural sound. While this isn’t preferable for casual listening, it is necessary when it comes to music recording and production.


Avantree Aria Me Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

The Aria Me headphones tailor the audio frequency balance to match your personal frequency sensitivities, resulting in the ideal listening experience.


Shure SRH1440 Open-Back Headphones

An open-back design is sometimes preferred because it reduces audio wave reflection, but it typically isn’t as effective in reducing background noise. These are suitable for at-home or studio critical listening.


Audio-Technica Hi-Fi Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones

These headphones feature active and omnidirectional noise cancelling technology for a personal and immersive hi-fi experience anywhere.




Headsets have the same design as over-ear headphones, but include an attached microphone. They are designed mostly for gaming, so the user can hear and chat with their online teammates (or enemies).


Audio-Technica ATH-G1 Studio Quality Gaming Headset

This AT gaming headset offers studio quality surround sound with a detachable professional microphone for the ultimate gaming experience.


Headphone Accessories


For those who already own hi-fi headphones, check out these headphone accessories.


Selby Desktop Headphone Stand

This tabletop headphone stand is a simple and useful gift that gives the user a dedicated space to store their headphones. This is one of those gifts that you didn’t know you needed, but you will use every day.


Audioquest DragonFlly Portable USB DAC Headphone Preamp and Amplifier

Most amplifiers built into consumer devices offer the bare minimum in terms of audio quality. A headphone amplifier can boost the performance and audio quality of hi-fi headphones. Connect this USB digital to analog converter to a computer or other device for hi-fi listening on the go.


Cayin Portable Power Bank, DAC, and Headphone Amp

The Cayin portable power bank and headphone amp is compatible with phones and other mobile devices, offering hi-fi amplification while charging your device.




A record player is a great gift for budding audiophiles and those still using a thrift store turntable. An introductory level hi-fi turntable can be a high-end gift that doesn’t break the bank.


Audio-Technica Automatic Belt Drive Turntable

This is the perfect entry-level high fidelity turntable for any music lover.


Audio-Technica Bluetooth Belt Drive Turntable

Opt for this Bluetooth-compatible turntable for hi-fi sound that is wire-free and easy to set up.


Vinyl and Turntable Accessories


For those who already own turntables, check out these record player accessories:



Check out our collection of numbered vinyl classics, perfect for any record collector.


Vinyl Lovers Accessory Pack

This accessory pack includes vinyl and turntable cleaning products, a cork turntable mat, and spider record inserts to make older records compatible with small modern spindles.


Les Davis Audio Record Isolation Slip Mat

This retro Les Davis slip mat offers isolation and damping from unwanted vibrations on a turntable.


Pro Audio


Pro audio gifts are great for musicians or those interested in music production, recording, mixing, or mastering.


Instrument Equipment and Accessories


Ultimate Drum Throne Stool

This classic drum throne offers a comfortable seat for any drummer.


Key Lockable Hard Guitar Case

This is the perfect gift for any guitar player. With a hard exterior, plush interior, and locking mechanism, it provides security and protection for travelling with beloved instruments. It even features a built-in thermometer and hygrometer to monitor temperature and humidity conditions in the case. It can fit any acoustic dreadnought style guitar.


Electric Bass Guitar Case

This is a versatile hard case suitable for a wide variety of electric bass guitars. It is also key lockable with a soft plush interior and a built-in thermometer and hygrometer.


Hercules Guitar Wall Mount Hanger

This guitar wall mount can be easily installed to display any guitar or bass guitar, or similar necked instrument, on the wall.


Hercules Guitar Stand

This portable floorstanding guitar stand is a necessity for any guitar or bass player to properly store their instrument.


Hercules Z Keyboard Stand

Keyboard and synth players will love this Hercules Z stand. It offers durability and stability, but also provides more leg room than the classic X-style stand.




For budding musicians and those starting out in music production, a high quality microphone can open up a world of opportunity.


Audio-Technica ATM510 Dynamic Microphone

Dynamic microphones are the most versatile type of microphone, and contrary to popular belief, some of the highest quality mics out there are dynamic. They can be used to record vocals as well as instruments and amplifiers.


Shure BETA57A Professional Instrument Microphone

This dynamic microphone is specifically designed for recording instruments and amplifier output, but it can also be used for vocals.