Transcendence - In Cinemas Now

Transcendence Movie Poster

Dr. Caster’s wife Evelyn played by Rebecca Hall, fears losing him so makes the decision to upload his fading consciousness into a sentient mainframe computer called PINN. The very thing the anti-tech radicals feared was now happening because of their actions. This grants Will power beyond his wildest dreams as he enters his own Transcendence. The film continues to question the ethical and social implications of each step, but manages to move forward quickly, sometimes too quickly with the obvious implications ignored then feared as they come true time and again.

Still from Transcendence

As Evelyn and Max struggle with alternate views on how to deal with Will and his altered state, driven by her heart, Evelyn eventually expels Max from the project. Several key characters, (Including government scientist Joseph Tagger played by Morgan Freeman) all with conflicting agendas become entangled in the moral debate which weaves itself throughout the film. Their worst fears are realised as Will’s drive for ultimate knowledge and quest for power becomes all encompassing. It becomes clear that he may have now become unstoppable. Transcendence is out now in cinemas nationally..