"Strong" Portable Bluetooth Mini-Speaker

Have you ever been out and about listening to your MP3 player or iPod and wished you didn’t have to listen with headphones? Do you want a quick and simple way to share your music without having to drag a dock and wander around looking for a power outlet? Strong's Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speaker (SRT BT1) offer wireless music streaming from any Bluetooth enabled device, anywhere, anytime. It’s brilliant!

Compatible with any Bluetooth 2.1+EDR protocol device, it will turn any mp3 player, phone, tablet or laptop into a mini sound system. Despite being small and compact it has surprisingly loud sound for up to 10m (in open space) with volume control placed on the unit for easy access.

Finished in a sleek and comfortable rubberised material and a pop up design, the compact size makes it completely portable. Play, share, compete and enjoy all day long. The high capacity battery lasts for up 6 hours wirelessly or up to 10 hours wired.

Perfect for in the bag, briefcase or glove-box.

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