Staff Picks: Our Top 5 Wireless Speakers

In 2022, hi-fi audio is no longer bound by wires and cords. The world of wireless audio is emerging before us, and with bluetooth and WiFi connectivity we're seeing streaming speeds like never before. Of course, wireless audio still has some challenges and doesn't quite compare to the capabilities of wired speakers. If you do choose to go wireless, you want to make sure you're getting the best on the market.


These are our personal favorite wireless speakers available here at Selby:


1. Sonos Five

Sonos is an industry leader when it comes to wireless audio. The Sonos Five offers studio quality sound at the touch of a button. It's compatible with vinyl, music streaming, and more for a room-filling experience all from a single speaker.


Some of the Five's keystone features are its unrivalled acoustic design for booming bass, angled side tweeters, smart stereo sound, and voice control and smart app connectivity. The Sonos Five can be used as a singular speaker, or turned vertically and paired with a second for detailed stereo separation.


2. Denon Home 350

Similar to the Sonos Five, the Denon Home 350 is a flagship hifi wireless speaker. With dynamic 0.75" tweeters, 2" mid-range drivers, and impressive 6.5" woofers, this speaker is equipped to deliver full-room sound from anywhere. You can stream with AirPlay 2, WiFi, or Bluetooth to access Hi-Res audio playback from any streaming service. Reproduce gapless playback of high-resolution audio files including 192kHz/24-bit FLAC, WAV, ALAC, and DSD 2.8/5.6MHz.


Group the Home 350 with other HEOS Built-in devices for a full wireless system -- use the speaker as a stereo pair or a rear surround in a full 5.1 system. The Deno Home 350 also has Google and Amazon Alexa voice assistants built-in and Quick Selects Buttons with proximity sensors.


If you're looking for smaller or more affordable versions of the Home, check out the Home 250 and the Home 150.


3. Bluesound Pulse 2i

Bluesound's industry-leading multi-room speaker is the Pulse 2i. Their top-performing drivers deliver beautiful high fidelity sound in a small package. Beyond that, the unique DirectDigital Bluesound amp technology ensures flawless playback without distortion, and dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity prevents dropouts and delays.


The intuitive BluOS controller app allows you to control your music experience from your mobile device and easily stream to any speaker in your home.


4. Polk Assist

This classic wireless speaker from an industry standard in high fidelity audio continues to be a favorite speaker choice for music lovers. Get great Polk sound without the cables with Polk Assist. This versatile device has built-in Chromecast and Google Assistant for simplified, hands-free control from anywhere in your home. Pair the Assist with other Chromecast compatible speakers for hi-fi sound throughout your entire home.


5. Sonos Move

For a more portable option, get Sonos quality audio anywhere you go with Sonos Move. This tiny-but-mighty portable wireless speaker is both weatherproof and drop-resistant. Equipped with advanced drivers and Trueplay tuning, the Sonos Move delivers surprisingly rich sound for its small size. With capacitive touch controls and Airplay 2 compatibility, the Move is incredibly easy to use. Pair it with another Move speaker for detailed stereo sound or two home theatre rear surrounds.