Skullcandy Uprock & Lowrider

Skullcandy Uprock & Lowrider

Choosing the right headphones for your activities can sometimes be confusing. You want personality and style without compromising the sound quality. Skullcandy Uprock & Lowrider On-Ear Headphones provide attacking bass, natural vocals and precision highs that suit every genre of music.

Their stylish and lightweight design makes them visually appealing and their quality is ideal for life on-the-go. Some even feature an inline Mic1 with a single button remote to let you make calls, take voice notes and control music playback on compatible smartphones, MP3 players and tablets.

Uprock feature a fixed headband, where the Lowrider has a foldable design for easy storage and transportation.

UPROCK (without Mic) - $49.95

 Uprock - Purple     Uprock - Blue      Uprock - Rasta      Uprock - White

UPROCK - featuring Mic1 - $59.95

Uprock - Black        Uprock - Army Green          Uprock - White

The design of these on-ear headphones allow you to hear some ambient noise, making them suitable for use during sports and other activities where situational awareness is a must. Its 40mm drivers help deliver solid bass and a detailed high-end response. The drivers are housed behind soft leather touch ear pillows made from memory foam for the ultimate comfort. The head strap is adjustable and flexible to suit all types of head shapes/sizes.

The 1.2m TPE cable features a flat, tangle-free design with a 3.5mm gold mini plug for compatibility with MP3 players, CD players, computers and much more.

LOWRIDER - featuring Mic - $59.95


Lowrider - Black         Lowrider Pink/Purple         Lowrider - Orange

The Lowrider series of headphones from Skullcandy is a model that provides Supreme Sound and comfort. They also feature a foldable design for easy storage and transportation.

The headband fits virtually any head size with an adjustable length and extra padding for comfort. The large 40mm NdFeB drivers deliver a complete sound spectrum that rivals other over-ear headphones in its price range.

The OFC audio cable features an inline Mic1 allowing you to take/make calls, play/pause and skip tracks. The gold-plated mini plug makes these headphones compatible with a wide variety of devices such as MP3 players, CD players, computers and much more.

For any type of music at any destination-these headphones deliver the ultimate audio experience.

 - Foldable design with swivel earcups.
- Adjustable headband with comfortable padding.
- 40mm drivers that deliver a full sound spectrum.
- High-quality OFC cable provides excellent conductivity.
- Inline Mic1allows you to make/take calls and control music playback on compatible devices.
- Gold-plated 3.5mm stereo mini plug for wide compatibility.

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