Selby Digital TV Antenna

This genuine Selby digital outdoor TV antenna has been designed for Australian conditions. The log-periodic 32-element design receives digital and analog signals in the VHF and UHF bands, for commercial (free-to-air) channels. It's pre-mounted with an 'F' connector jack, so you can simply plug in an antenna cable between the antenna and your TV. Also includes a U-bolt for mounting to a mast.

Choosing The Right Antenna For Your Area
This antenna is suitable for most areas including urban, suburban and semi-rural.

- 32 elements
- Log periodic
- Foldable elements for easy installation
- Designed for horizontal or vertical polarities (universal mount included)
- Weatherproof F-connector with rubber seal
- Receives VHF (Band 3) and UHF (Band 4 & 5)
- Robust weather-resistant construction

Why Is The Mast Not Included?
Antennas are generally sold without the mast (the vertical pole), because different mast styles are required depending on where you are mounting the antenna (eg: gutter mount, roof mount). Note that if you are upgrading an existing antenna, you won't need a new mast. You can simply attach this antenna to the existing mast with the included U-bolt.

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