Product Profile - Wall Bracket PLB 102b

Perfect for mounting your new LCD or Plasma to the wall this is a low profile fixed bracket. It also comes with a fitting to give it a 5 degree tilt forward if required to suit your viewing position. This model makes installation easy! It has a locking bar which does not need to be put into place until you have completed the installation. That means you can hook it on at the top and still gain access at the bottom to attach cables before installing the locking bar. This model can also take a lock for extra security!

This heavy duty bracket is ideal for televisions 32-60” weighing up to 80kg

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Please Note: Before purchasing, please check the VESA mount pattern on your television.
Some panels require M6 16mm bolts which are not included. Where we try to include all fastenings needed, due to the large number of panels on the market
we sometimes can't cater for all. Please check manufacturers specifications of screen prior to installing.

When buying a low profile bracket like this it is important to consult the manual for your TV first. A lot of TV's are not suitable to mount as close to the wall as this bracket is because they need to vent heat. If that's the case with your plasma then you may be better off with our TILT version.

As with all wall brackets it is essential that this bracket is fixed to a timber stud when mounting on plaster board walls.