Portable & Mini Speakers

Remember when the coolest thing was your Walkman? Perhaps you had a Discman? Whichever portable music device you or your parents used, the current state of play in portable music has changed. There are so many options available ranging from mp3 players, iPods, mobile phones and tablets, which allow us to bring the party with us in our pockets.

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To share our music, we no longer have to bring the entire stereo down to the park, beach or backyard. Whether using a simple cable or Bluetooth technology, portable and mini speakers have allowed us to listen to our music so easily.




^ Strong Portable Mini Capsule Speaker – Bluetooth – Red or Black




^ Aves "Aqua" Mini Speaker – Bluetooth – Black, White or Pink



aves-crystal-black-music-phone-bluetooth-speaker-1 aves-crystal-white-music-phone-bluetooth-speaker-1

^ Aves "Crystal" Mini Speaker – Bluetooth – Black or White




^ Aves "Diamond" Portable Speaker – Bluetooth – Black or White




^ House of Marley "Chant" – Mini Speaker – Bluetooth




^ House of Marley "Get Together" – Portable Speaker System – Bluetooth




^ House of Marley "Get Up Stand Up" – Portable Speaker System – Bluetooth