Outfitting Your Home with Sonos

Outfitting Your Home with Sonos

Named Best Premium Multi-room System 2019 by consumer audio magazine What Hi-Fi?, Sonos has something for everyone, from high-quality wireless speakers with fantastic build quality, to wireless soundbars that add depth and dimension to film and television, to that award-winning, immersive multi-room audio setup. We’re proud and thrilled to be authorized Sonos dealers, offering up the current full range of Sonos’ home audio products.

Wireless Smart Speakers & Soundbars

Wireless speakers, able to connect to smartphones, computers, and media playback devices, are one of the most popular consumer audio product categories, and Sonos’ offerings don’t disappoint, with options for every price point and with various levels of functionality. With the Sonos One and One SL, Sonos Move, Sonos Five, all bases are covered.

The Sonos One and smaller One SL are equally at home in the living room as they are in the bathroom. Small-profile, humidity resistant, and able to be paired wirelessly for stereo delivery, Sonos One is perfect for those seeking versatility and quality at a low price. You can even set up an additional pair as rear home theatre speakers to achieve surround sound! For identical functionality coupled with impact protection, weatherproofing, and battery power, there’s the Sonos Move, Sonos’ premium portable smart speaker.

While stereo pairing smaller speakers is a wonderful and innovative home theatre solution, sometimes you just need a singular speaker that can deliver rich audio on its own from anywhere in the house. Hence the Sonos Five, a compact-but-beefy six-speaker array able to fill a room with thick lows and crisp highs by way of three midwoofers and three strategically positioned tweeters, driven by six class-D amplifiers.

While the Sonos One, Sonos Five, and even the Sonos Move are capable of wirelessly connecting to most smart TVs -- with an optional wired 3.5mm connection on the Sonos Five -- those looking for a more form-appropriate sound source for the casual home theatre will be delighted by Sonos’ Beam, Playbase, and Arc soundbars.

While Sonos Beam should satisfy those in need of a bare-bones yet capable soundbar, the Sonos Playbase doubles as a soundbar and entertainment base perfect for TVs whose stand configurations don’t allow room for a typical soundbar. It’s able to support TVs up to 35kg in weight and can connect to your home wi-fi network for use with music streaming services. If a more traditional soundbar form factor is more your speed, but you need a little more bang than what Sonos Beam provides, Sonos Arc should more than do the trick; it’s a sleek, loud, eleven-speaker wireless soundbar with full EQ controls and all standard functionalities found in Sonos’ other wireless products. 3D audio enabled and able to be mounted on your wall with its accompanying stand, this is the ultimate low-profile TV soundbar.

Rounding off Sonos’ wireless speaker lineup is the Sonos Sub, a wireless subwoofer now on its third generation. Sonos Sub is pairable with all of Sonos’ wireless speakers, giving you that extra deep bass needed to elevate your mid- and high-range speakers to the next level.


Amplifiers & Speakers

Sonos’ amplifiers and wired, standalone speakers are at the top of the home audio market, and the current lineup is led by the Sonos AMP, a class-D stereo amplifier with a variety of applications limited only by imagination. With 125 watts per channel, absolutely solid construction, and a future-proof software update system, this powerful amplifier can be used to drive bookshelf speakers, wall-mounted speakers, outdoor speakers, and standing speakers of all kinds. Not only is it perfectly suitable as the audio brain of your home theatre setup, but it can be used as the pilot for an array of speakers spanning your entire home, allowing you to play audio in all of your rooms with centralized control for individual rooms. With wi-fi as well as ethernet ports, your connectivity options with this amplifier should suit most situations.

As for speakers, well, Sonos didn’t earn that multi-room system award for lack of competition, and you’ll find their speaker options are as top-notch as their flagship amplifier.

The current lineup features two indoor speakers meant for seamless home integration: In-Ceiling Speakers and In-Wall Speakers. These cutting-edge passive speakers can be driven by any suitably powerful stereo system, but have been developed specifically to be powered by Sonos Amp. The in-ceiling speakers feature 8” drivers with isolated center-positioned tweeters, while the in-wall speakers feature 6.5” drivers and top-positioned isolated tweeters. Included with the latter are fashionable grilles that can be painted to match their surroundings. Those wishing to extend their audio environment outdoors will be more than happy with Sonos’ weatherproof, hinge-mounted outdoor speakers. 

Both sets of indoor speakers, as well as the outdoor speakers, have been developed jointly with Sonance to complete Sonos’ ideal vision for a fully connected home audio system, and are all compatible with Trueplay, Sonos’ proprietary software, used to tune speakers exactly to the space they occupy, allowing for the tightest, clearest sound possible.

Of course, some of us are rather attached to our current hi-fi systems, and for good reason, so Sonos have developed Sonos Port, which bridges the gap between third party hardware and Sonos’ streamlined functionality. Port allows you to integrate the old with the new, so you can stream to your preferred stereo system, and that new set of wireless Sonos speakers in the next room, simultaneously and with little fuss. If you’re having a hard time transmitting through thick walls, or across the width of your home, don’t worry: Sonos BOOST is a tiny and affordable signal extender that will make even the trickiest houses utterly connected. It even neutralizes network interference from other transmitters, so there won’t be any mix-ups or tangles. Speaking of, it can be used as a router itself, since it features two standard ethernet ports.