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Citizens Band Radio, commonly referred to as CB radio has long been used as a system of short-distance radio communications amongst a selection of 40 channels within the 477-MHz band. Often used amongst freight and transport businesses, CB radios are also very popular amongst off-road and 4WD’ers. Traditional and reliable, many drivers prefer it to newer technology as it does not rely on the same telecommunication networks that mobile phones do, which can have patchy reception in areas not adequately covered by mobile towers.


Oricom UHF058 – In-Vehicle HEAVY DUTY


This compact, high powered CB Two-Way Radio has 80 channels, manual squelch and volume controls and a heavy duty microphone plug.  It's rugged construction and compact size makes this the ideal unit to mount in your 4wd, tractor or construction equipment, without breaking the bank.

Ease of installation combined with simple one handed operation and easy to see multi-coloured backlit display, make this the safe and easy way to stay in touch in the bush or on the road.

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Oricom UHF400 – In-Vehicle HEAVY DUTY for Car/Truck


The UHF400 is a heavy duty 5watt UHF CB that is specially built for Australian Transport. Oricom's UHF400 features 12v/24v auto switching which makes it a quick and easy to install in any truck regardless of power supply. This unit allows you to choose from 80 transmission frequencies (75 voice) to transmit or receive messages.

The external heat sink ensures you maintain a full 5watt power output and has tuned sensitivity to ensure optimal reception.

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